✨Deep Breathing Meditation✨Grounding Affirmations for Energetic Protection & Restoration✨

I invite you to sit in a comfortable space, especially in nature if at all possible, and deeply relax into this experience.

Practice meditation by focusing on your breathing and letting go of all thoughts. Observe, release, and redirect towards loving presence.

Feel each inhale, fully feel each exhale, and then feel your breath stronger than you feel ANY other element of personal experience, internally or externally. Practice this intention: regardless of how close you get to achieving this goal, simply steering towards the intention cultivates healing restoration, transformation, and liberation deep within your BEing!


Receive the healing energies of these affirmations, and allow whatever resonates to drift into your BEing and soothe your mind, body, and spirit. Relax into the background music, and let yourSelf fully BE Here Now... in Loving Presence... within This Sacred NOW Moment. :)

Ground yourSelf in Loving Presence, and release anything that no longer serves your magicKal, miraculous healing journey.


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From 2011-2021, Kristin Windsor invested in deep research and self-healing to discover hidden truths of her implicit health challenges, expand healing potentials, and transform automated styles of personal experience from the inside-out. She successfully achieved these goals through her IMPLICIT REVELATIONS Case Study and now JOYously and ecstatically shares her journey and thrilling discoveries through her KNOWN documentary series!!

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With LOVE and LIGHT,

~Kristin Windsor

(and her Loving Awareness,

Inner Life Partner,

Inner Best Friend,

and Inner Child[ren]) ✨✨✨