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Day 1: Udemy Course.

I'm only in the first part of the course & already experiencing magic.

During the first exercise, I experienced some feeling in the right lower/outer portion of my brain.

I am extremely familiar with the feeling of parts of my brain being activated by energy after my treatment with LENS, low energy neurofeedback systems.

I have two theories about this feeling I experienced:

Firstly, that it could be my right brain hemisphere activated with specific trauma-related parts of consciousness as some integration occurs.

My second theory is that it was engaging a specific portion of the brain I have not had this depth of access to in a long time, if ever. It could be the temporal lobe & Wernicke's area, responsible for listening, memories, & language comprehension. If I am meditating & experiencing this, I could be listening to divine messages & integrating past memories as I comprehend those divine messages on a deeper level than ever before.

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