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Daily Affirmation Messages.

March 3rd launched my new project of daily affirmation texts. The objective is to kick off each day with some form of an empowering message, whether it be a personal affirmation, a motivational quote, or an inspirational message written by me, Kristin Windsor.

To sign up & begin receiving these daily messages, please email me at with the subject line "Daily Affirmation Text Sign-Up." If you live outside the US, or if you prefer utilizing social media, Facebook messenger is an optional replacement for text messages. Just let me know in your email which you'd prefer to use, & either your phone number or your Facebook profile link.

Yesterday, I sent the first text of this project to 25 people! I feel so encouraged & excited by the positive feedback I've received & I look forward to continuing this daily personal challenge of positive empowerment. It read:

If every day can start with inspirational motivation & encouraging empowerment & the challenge to think positively, I believe it will strongly aid in people's personal healing journeys.

Beginning each day with a reminder of my inherent worth, & knowing that someone out there cares & is there for me, would help me immensely, & I am so grateful for this opportunity to quite literally "be the change I wish to see in the world" as Ghandi once said.

Today's message reads:

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