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Introducing "Coping Trick" & "Coping Tricks Toolbox," Original Healing Journ

“Trick” means to cunningly deceive or outwit someone through a cunning or skillful act or scheme; intended or used to deceive or mystify or to create an illusion.

A "Coping Trick" is a method of coping specifically intended to cunningly outwit the low vibrations threatening our happiness.

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By applying Coping Tricks on a daily basis, we can persistently deceive & outwit the darkness that clouds our life experience & take active steps towards deepening self-love AND transforming our subconscious neuropathways ~ all part of personal power reclamation that allows us to transform our life experience as it unfolds & fall in love with who we are.

A "Coping Tricks Toolbox" is a box of tools within the mind filled with coping tricks to aid the every-day healing journey of life.

In every moment of every day, there are infinite ways of reclaiming our personal power to create healing opportunities that empower our vision forward.

Before I built my Coping Tricks Toolbox, those moments were invisible to me; I did not believe in their existence. Easily swayed by emotions, my ability to be there for all aspects of myself felt beyond my power.

Now, I reclaim my power in each moment of every single day, regardless of the way I feel, thanks to the incredible tools within my Coping Tricks Toolbox.

If you'd like to journey with me to create your own Coping Tricks Toolbox, my coaching program Healing Journey Homeschool offers an incredible pathway of personal power reclamation through a step by step process of befriending your consciousness. :) I am now accepting client inquiries at

~~~Sending you Warriors the Highest Love & Deepest Light~~~

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