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A Guide To Utilizing Kristin Chronicles' Coping Music Playlists

After mindfully checking with with all parts of yourself, decide which direction you'd like to proceed towards with the help of coping music playlists:

  1. Low Vibrational Emphasis: Feel, process, & release low vibrations

  2. High Vibrational Emphasis: Recenter SoulSelf in higher vibrations

To feel, process, & release low vibrations:

  • Apply "Feel The Feels" playlist for depression, sorrow, sadness, grief, loss

  • Apply "PTSD Coping Playlist" for PTSD, anger, rage, trauma flashbacks, irritability, or presence of fight parts of consciousness within structural dissociation

If you choose to recenter SoulSelf in higher vibrations, choose an energetic emphasis:

  1. Calm Recentering: best to aid anxiety

  2. Excited Recentering: best to aid depression

  3. If unable to decide, simply apple the "Morning Stability" playlist.

For Calm Recentering:

  • Apply "ASMR" playlist to reduce anxiety or dissociation.

  • Apply "Deep-Breathing Meditation" playlist: focus 100% on your breathing, slowly deepening your breath with tender gentleness & unconditional compassion.

  • Apply "StretchDance Meditation" playlist: gently grounding in body, intuitive body movement with extended mindfulness; slower movement than with "Dance It Out" playlist {see below}

  • Apply "SelfLove Butterfly Hugs" playlist: hug yourself, gently squeeze, & tenderly rock back & forth ~OR~ apply butterfly hugs which utilize bilateral stimulation to reduce anxiety; we reclaim our power by offering our own beings the Love we so deeply crave & often give so freely to others.

  • Apply "FightParts Meditation" playlist: when regular meditation is too agitating.

For Excited Recentering:

  • Apply "Reclaiming Personal Power" playlist: these are my most recent songs of empowerment I listen to regularly.

  • Apply "emPOWERing music" playlist: this is a collection of empowering songs from the past four years.

  • Apply "Dance It Out" playlist: imagine dancing with Meredith Grey & Christina Yang from Grey's Anatomy.

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