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#DailyChallenge for Personal Growth: by INSIGHT.

What is an Online Daily Challenge?

An online daily challenge can be initiated by anyone, so I am taking the opportunity to do so!

The most important part is its purpose: the objective for every challenge I release is personal growth in some capacity.

This is part of a beautiful, magical wondrous healing journey as we learn to unleash our true potential & love ourselves unconditionally. I invite you to join me!

Ohkay fine... Tell me more?

Each challenge I've seen is designed to pursue growth in one way or another.

One example is the #7dayveganchallenge, initiated by Ralph Smart with "Infinite Waters - Diving Deep." It involves committing to an alternative healthy diet for one week. The experience alone is invaluable, & for many it is the beginning of a complete lifestyle shift leading to transformationally positive change.

I follow a few different fitness & mindfulness challenges, such as #embraceandbloom, a 12 day challenge sponsored by Alo Yoga, a brand of clothing designed for yogis (people who regularly practice yoga).

(For more examples, I recommend browsing posts under Instagram's hashtag "dailychallenge.")

So... How is each challenge done?

Every challenge has some kind of host or sponsor who initiates the challenge by providing details—some sort of written or verbal prompt to direct the challenge.

Either a general "post something like this every day" prompt is provided, or specific "day 1: ___; day 2: __;..." prompts are offered.

For example, Alo Yoga posted the prompt for the #embraceandbloom challenge by listing the twelve yoga poses to be used in those twelve days.

To achieve success with the #embraceandbloom challenge, evidence of the specific pose from the challenge prompt being achieved is to be posted on social media, tagging the challenge hosts & briefly explaining the challenge so viewers can also join!

FAQ: How long is a daily challenge for?

Answer—> Each one is unique & the length of time is decided by the creator of the challenge. The vegan challenge is for 7 days. The #embraceandbloom challenge is for 12 days. The #useitupfillitupchallenge is for 30 days. Some challenges are for an entire year! It completely depends upon the difficulty level & overall objective of the individualized challenge, & on how its creator intends to evolve it.

INSIGHT's Daily Challenges for Personal Growth

by The Kristin Chronicles

INSIGHT is a writing course I designed in 2015 offering a thought-provoking prompt (or series of related prompts) per week to aid the healing journey. INSIGHT stands for "intellectually nurturing self-awareness, identity, goals, hope, & truth."

INSIGHT's Daily Challenges for Personal Growth by The Kristin Chronicles will be coming soon! Stay tuned!!

Click here for INSIGHT's official website.

Click here for INSIGHT's social media page.

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