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Celebration of Life: Stepping into our True Potential!


As I celebrate my 25th birthday today, I want you to celebrate with me—not in the traditional sense, but on a deeper level.

Birth Day: the day in which this crazy wild ride of a life began for each of us.

Since that day, what have we accomplished?🤔

What have we overcome?🤔

Who have we become?🤔

Is it someone we can be deeply, truly, genuinely proud of?🥇

Is it someone we would like to know, be friend with, even admire as a role model?

Is it a life filled with peace & joy & positivity?☮️

If not, how might we be able to adjust the sails?🤔

I never believed I would survive this long: I quite literally believed I would be dead by this age; I genuinely did not think I could survive in this society with this disorder. Yet I’m still here! & doing better than ever!!! That is worth celebrating, & so is your life.

What do you believe is impossible right now?

How are you limiting your potential because of deeply seated beliefs about yourself?🤔

How can we work towards unleashing your true potential, shedding the skin from the past once & for all?

How can we be intentional about writing a life tale worth telling??


Say this with me: I am already more than enough.

My goal is not to ‘become’ something ‘great,’ but to shed all thoughts & harmful beliefs causing me to doubt my present greatness.

I choose to intentionally celebrate my infinite beauty with gratitude & joy.

I choose to create a life story worth telling. Each step of life is intentional, wisdom applied with every motion.

Today, I choose to stop listening to the negative voices in my thoughts, one moment at a time.

Today, I shed the skin of the past, including all harmful beliefs about who I am, what I am worth, & where I belong.

Today, I step into my true potential because I AM WORTH IT.


To celebrate this unbirthday, let us each write & then say aloud a minimum of three positive personal affirmations proclaiming soul's immense, immeasurable worth.

Have a beautiful & blessed day, soul friend.

✨in Light & Love✨ ✨Namaste✨ ~The Kristin Chronicles


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