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Today is Now the BIRTH OF MIRACLES DAY! Happy Unbirthday to All Multiconscious Mosaic Minds!

March 11, 2020: Celebrating the Birth Of MultiConscious Miracles: A Happy Unbirthday to All Parts Of Consciousness within MultiConscious Mosaic Minds.


~~~~March 11th is Now the "Birth Of Miracles Celebration Day" for MultiConscious Individuals, so we can all honour and celebrate our miraculous selves together!🤩🥳🥰🎊💕🎊💫


Every part of consciousness holds purpose and deeply intricate meaning. Every part is important. Every part is necessary. Celebrating the infinite miracles of consciousness is important. Most people celebrate their existence on their birthdays. But not all persons have birthdays because some people live with multiple inner persons.

(Everyone has subconscious parts, yet not everyone lives with multiple inner persons.)

For mosaic minds like me, many persons exist within one body. Our neurophysiological development has miraculous evolved so that all aspects of personhood, from unconscious bodily experiences to possessing a conscious mind, exist through multiplicity.

The body may have a "birth date" yet the inner persons may not each have a day to celebrate their miraculous existence.

Every person within multiconscious mosaic minds deserves a day to celebrate themselves.


All of my inner persons are worthy and deserving of a day of celebration. Their existence is powerfully beautiful and magically miraculous!

Although most people will see one body and assume me to be one person, this common assumption is inaccurate.

The three main layers of personhood are: unconscious states, subconscious realms, and conscious awareness. Within these 3 layers exist 13 aspects of personhood, the features that create the experience of being an individualized person. (Click here to read about my Pyramid of Personhood: a new perspective of what it means to be a person.)

My brain-body system experienced divergent development during early childhood, activated through experiences of traumatic-stress, and evolved itself into an alternate state of being where I miraculously exist as many persons within one body.

Each of my inner persons has their own unique experience of this body, their own particular subconscious realms, and their own conscious awareness. Each of my inner persons possesses their own unique experience of the 13 aspects of personhood.

The manner in which our nervous system operates, from autonomic engagement and cranial nerve application to brain wave regulation and neurotransmitter activation, is uniquely different for each of my inner persons.

The way our mind connects with our body is uniquely different for each of my many inner persons. (Click here to watch a video describing the differences between each of my inner persons: Part ONE!)

Muscular engagement, blood flow, and nerve communication all vary between my inner persons. (Click here to watch a video describing the differences between each of my inner persons: Part TWO!)

The entire landscape of unconscious bodily states are experienced radically different from person to person within me.

The memories that exist and are accessible vary from person to person within me. We each experience a unique manner of processing and accessing our memory systems.

The styles of emotional engagement and feeling sensations are different for each of my inner persons.

The way in which our brain-body systems make connections to formulate perceptual understandings of self and surrounding world are all different for each of my inner persons.

The vast realm of subconscious elements are completely different between my many inner persons.

The most miraculous experience is how each of my inner persons possesses their own conscious mind with a unique experience of awareness. Within one singular moment, my awareness could be very different from how a separate inner person within my body is experiencing and perceiving that exact same situation at the exact same time. It's miraculous!

It is all so extraordinarily, profoundly MIRACULOUS.

I am the evolution of the human species in action, my neurophysiological applications of consciousness relentlessly transforming and evolving for optimal survival.


Because the development of my consciousness and multiple inner persons all revolves around traumatic events and the resulting traumatic stress, the creation of parts is rarely a day to celebrate.

Yet each of my inner persons is worthy of celebrating! The joyous festivities of a birthday-type celebration are allowed to extend to my many inner persons, even though the world tends to perceive us as singular due to the reality of inhabiting one body.

We know that we are not alone in this experience.

Living with multiple inner persons is as common as living with naturally red hair: millions of people worldwide share in this experience of multiplicity.

Today is our birthday, and we would love to share our special day worldwide! We want to create space for all multiconscious mosaic minds to feel such empowered permission to celebrate the infinite glories and miraculous wonders of all that they are.

We are declaring March 11th the Birth Of MultiConscious Miracles Celebration Day, or the Birth of Miracles Celebration!

We wish all mosaic minds a very Happy Unbirthday!

Happy Birth of Miracles Day to multiconscious wonders worldwide! WE LOVE YOU! We see you! We appreciate you! We believe in you!

We encourage you to honour the MIRACLE that you innately are and celebrate your miraculous selves alongside of us on this special, joyous day!🤩🥳🥰🎊💕🎊💫


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