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Being Healed While Healing


What does it mean to be healed? Can we BE healed or is healing an infinitely ongoing process? Healing deeply doesn't mean the pain never existed. Healing deeply doesn't mean we stop experiencing pain. Healing deeply doesn't mean we stop experiencing healing. Healing deeply doesn't mean things are completely restored to the way they were before. Healing deeply means that the internal narrative is gradually transformed into something beautiful. Healing deeply means that living within our consciousness becomes more enjoyable and less miserable, regardless of external specifics. Healing deeply means that we gradually gain more and more power and influence within our lives from the inside-our of our consciousness. Healing deeply is allowed to be an ongoing process, our lives being an infinite healing journey, AND we are allowed to perceive ourselves as healed and enough and complete just as we are, right here, right now. We can embrace our healed-healing selves as being the flawed, imperfect, miraculous creatures that we are. Pain is allowed. Ups and downs are allowed. Self-love AND the need for further internal investments are both allowed. We are allowed to be both a masterpiece AND a work in progress at the same time. Healing is always gradual and never linear, this I have learned again and again and AGAIN. Through it all, though, we can EMBRACE ourselves as HEALED, meaning we are perfect within our imperfections and allowed to love ourselves completely exactly as we are (we stop perceiving the need for healing as a flaw, we stop judging ourselves for our experiences, etc.), AND we can also continually embrace HEALING as we grow and expand and deepen the level of our miraculous conscious presence, reaching new heights of awareness and new depths within our authenticity, transforming the automated perceptions one energetic piece at a time. We can be both healed AND healing. We can be both perfect AND imperfect. We can be both enough AND ever-growing. We are allowed to embrace a paradoxical Existence. Because, in doing so, we embrace ALL that we are, without limitation or reduction. The human brain enjoys clinging to one fixed perceptual perspective, drawing conclusions in an attempt to understand everything. But we are not such simple creatures! We are more EXPANSIVE than the human mind is even capable of immediately comprehending! We are allowed to break free of those natural tendencies and create space for multiple potentialities to be simultaneously possible. We are allowed to love who we are AND continue to expand ourselves. We are allowed to embrace where we are AND continue to grow into new spaces of potential. We are allowed to be HEALED and ever-HEALING. Being healed, to me, means that I stop perceiving myself as flawed, as suffering, as a victim needing saving within my life experience; as not enough, as needing to change, as inadequate and unworthy due to XYZ aspects of my sense of self. Being healed, to me, means that I lovingly create for every piece of my life experience, through unconditional presence without over-identifying with it, and while standing in my personal power without needing to control it. Being healed, to me, means that I compliment all that I am, embrace every part of who I am, and celebrate the miracle of what I already am, lavishly bathing in my enoughness! Healing, to me, means continuing to show up for my needs of consciousness, both for my subconscious parts (mind) and my unconscious states (body). Healing, to me, means that there is room for growth and continued transformation, but that my enoughness and identify is not dependent on such change. Healing, to me, means continuing to deepen my self-awareness while showing up for self-care in a deeply rooted self-love, creating space for continued transformation. Being healed while still healing allows for me to love myself unconditionally, even when my physical reality is not exactly what I desire it to be. Being healed while still healing allows for me to enjoy this season of life for all that I am, AND look forward to the miracles to come. Being healed while still healing allows for me to embrace where I am, while also striving to create even brighter days to come. Being healed while still healing means that I am enough as I am and I can love myself through my days, AND that there is room still to grow and transform pain and to create a story within my consciousness that feels GOOD to live in. And maybe, just maybe, that internal love can carry me through my days into a brighter reality than I can see right now. Maybe, just maybe, I am already who I need to be, in order to become all that I desire to experience.

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