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Dissociative Identity Disorder Awareness Walk 15 Minute Speech

On March 9th, 2019, my parts of consciousness and I hosted the first ever Dissociative Identity Disorder Awareness Walk at Harvey Bear Trails in San Martin, CA.

Over 20 people attended, for which I am forever thankful for.

Thank you so infinitely to everyone who helped make this walk possible!

Among these warrior soul friends was our dear soul friend Haley, whom we had just met in-person for the first time, after being friends online for many months.

We both gave speeches and look forward to continue our mental health advocacy work alongside one another, even when living on opposite sides of the country.

My speech was 15 minutes in length, and went a little something like this.......

March 9th Speech for DID Awareness Walk

Part One: Introduction

Welcome, brave beautiful warrior soul friends, to the first ever annual dissociative identity disorder awareness walk! We are so thrilled you’re here & so grateful for this opportunity to grow in unified community. Thank you so much for supporting our cause & for taking the time to join us today for this mental health advocacy celebration.

I’m going to talk a bit today about consciousness & personality.

It’s natural to have curiousity about personal identity. Exploring who we are is a big part of this exciting journey of being a human!

How many of you have ever taken any kind of personality test? Either those silly facebook ones that pop up every so often, or the official Myers-Briggs personality test? How many of you have ever taken a personality test of any kind?

I used to spend countless hours over the many years exploring potential insights about my internal identity.

It’s human nature to desire insight into who we are & why we experience life in the way that we do.

The specifics of how life is experienced takes places within our consciousness, our subconscious neuropathways being the “filter” through which all information, sensory data, & life experience are processed through.

But what happens when your entire life experience is distorted, & seemingly simple tasks become nearly impossible? What happens when your brain & body seem to be fighting against you, or against each other? The Gift of Sanity should never be taken for granted, though it often is.

Consciousness is the inside of the brain while Personality is the external manifestation of each individual’s consciousness.

The foundation of every person’s consciousness forms as subconscious neuropathways grow during early childhood development.

The process of brain formation for every human being involves the right & left brain hemispheres operating independently of one another until they integrate: most integration happens by age 8, which is around the time each person’s baseline “personality” emerges, but the two brain hemispheres cannot fully communicate with each other until age 12 when the brain’s corpus callosum fully develops.

For some people, that integration never happens, & the two brain hemispheres continue to develop independently of one another.

This causes structural dissociation, which exists on a spectrum. The most severe end of the structural dissociation spectrum is “tertiary,” which is where dissociative identity disorder {DID} falls under.

I am so grateful to live in the time period of history that I do because now we get to explore neurobiology & understand some of the complexities of consciousness that were previously glossed over & labeled with generalized assumptions that proved inaccurate in the end.

Dissociative identity disorder is not just a disorder where personality manifests uniquely; it is a beautifully vast, deliciously complex neurodevelopmental disorder that involves a fascinatingly unique formation of consciousness, connecting the mind & body in a way like this world has never seen before.

Part Two: Brain Development & the Gift of Sanity

The merging of the brain’s subconscious parts occurs gradually over the many years of early childhood development. The ONLY way these two hemispheres ever communicate is through the corpus callosum: automated brain hemispheric communication should never be taken for granted.

Because the two brain hemispheres operate independently of one another during this critical period of development, events of remarkably high stress can cause a rerouting of brain wiring as the brain lends itself to fragmentation for optimal survival purposes. Multi-conscious minds are quite literally the human mind attempting to evolve yet at a steep price of losing portions of sanity.

When we are little, our right brain hemisphere is more active in life experience than our left brain hemisphere. This is why babies are more responsive to emotional context & creative connection than verbal narrative or logical rationale.

Everyone should have a stress ball or toy of some kind ~ go ahead & raise that up in your left hand & give it a good squeeze or a couple squeezes. By squeezing with your left hand, you are now activating your right brain hemisphere. All trauma-related parts of consciousness develop in the right brain hemisphere within a dissociative identity like mine.

As time proceeds, the left brain hemisphere becomes more engaged, yet still operates fairly independently of the right brain hemisphere. Please take your stress ball & now raise it up with your right hand & squeeze it a few times: you have now activated your left brain hemisphere. For those living with a dissociative identity, this is where the “going on with normal life self” exists.

For multi-conscious minds, the two brain hemispheres continue to exist independently of one another without awareness of the other hemisphere or the data it holds.

Integrated uni-conscious minds experience a beautiful, wonder-filled Gift of Sanity that allows for internal communication & collaboration between brain hemispheres, subconscious parts, & the various lobes within the brain.

Without this integration, however, the Gift of Sanity becomes inaccessible. Seemingly simple tasks become impossible.

The Gift of Sanity is what allows for your life experience to unfold in the manner that it does, creating opportunities for you to sanely interact with the world around you.

You are able to feel hunger pains as an appetite grows, & able to taste flavours & feel textures of foo