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Coping with Anxiety "Morning Sickness"

I wake up with anxiety-induced nausea on a regular basis.

I often try to relax in bed, hoping to mentally reduce the anxiety.

It simply does not operate in that manner.

The anxiety is so subconscious & experienced so physically that it cannot imply be overpower through intentionally conscious thought.

I often try to take it slow in the morning, gently easing into the day without taking on anything too serious or overwhelming first thing in the morning.

Typically, I will spend the morning hours meditating in nature, only sauntering in for a noon-time breakfast when my body is at the point of physical collapse (from exhaustion/ malnutrition).

I am, however, now realizing/ understanding a healthier approach for this conundrum.

When I try to relax in the morning & avoid the anxiety-induced nausea, I am taking the defense in this war against mental illness.

If I rise from bed as soon as I awaken, rather than relaxing in bed postponing my day, I switch to taking the offense in this battle.

When I begin my day tackling the topics causing subconscious anxiety, I am able to meet myself where I’m at, ultimately reducing the nausea, & fully reducing the power that nausea & hidden anxiety has upon me & my life.

Instead of trying to go back to sleep this morning when my eyes opened at 7 AM, I embraced the day, fully & fearlessly.

It is now 9 AM. I would normally be starting my day right now. Instead, I have already had a calming cup of tea, a small breakfast, & typed three pages tackling my mental health chaos.

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