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Alter Questionnaire PT1: Fun & Friendly.

This is a small piece of the questionnaire I typed & printed for each of my alters & kept them nearby so anytime I was dissociated & had spare time, I could work on filling them out in whatever mental state I was in.

This is how I discovered everything I know about my alters: a lifestyle of meditative mindfulness & deep, consistent, persistent awareness of my subconscious & its inner-workings. I hope this helps with your DID healing journey, & I will be adding more soon.

If you ever need extra support along your journey, please join the Community of Kindred Connections on this website. You can post in the forum on a variety of subject matters relating to mental health. You may also email me anytime at with any specific questions or ideas about content I should work to create. :)

Alter Questionnaire PT1: Fun & Friendly.

#1) Introduction: What is your name & approximate age?


#2) Circle “yes” or “no” for each question:

a. Do you feel loved? YES NO b. Do you feel wanted? YES NO c. Do you hold grudges? YES NO

d. Are you very confident? YES NO e. Do you have good posture? YES NO f. Do you struggle with anxiety? YES NO

g. Are you an empath? YES NO

#3) What’s your favourite…?

a. colour? __________________________________________________________________________________

b. TV show? ________________________________________________________________________________

c. movie? __________________________________________________________________________________

d. genre of music? __________________________________________________________________________

e. food? __________________________________________________________________________________

f. beverage? ______________________________________________________________________________

g. clothing style (for yourself)? _______________________________________________________________

h. hairstyle (for yourself)? ____________________________________________________________________

i. makeup style (for yourself)? _______________________________________________________________

j. colour? __________________________________________________________________________________

k. animal? ________________________________________________________________________________

l. hobbies/ passtimes? _____________________________________________________________________

m. way to relax? ___________________________________________________________________________

n. memory/ memories? _____________________________________________________________________

o. aspect of nature? _______________________________________________________________________

p. aspect of being human? ________________________________________________________________

#4) Personal Preferences: Respond with love, like, dislike, or hate. (This section is extremely customized, so feel free to adjust the questions.) a. socializing: _______________________ b. watching TV: _______________________ c. exploring nature: _______________________ d. make-up: _______________________ e. high heels: _______________________ f. country music: _______________________ g. rap music: _______________________ h. acoustic music: _______________________ i. marijuana: _______________________ j. alcohol: _______________________ k. cigarettes: _______________________ l. swimming: _______________________ m. walking/ hiking/ jogging: _______________________ n. sleeves: _______________________ o. positivity/ optimism: _______________________ p. self-harming: _______________________ q. adorable bugs: _______________________ r. horses: _______________________ s. farms: _______________________ t. malls: _______________________ u. shopping: _______________________ v. singing: _______________________ w. playing an instrument: _______________________

#5) Project Playlist: 5-10 songs you enjoy that accurately portray your style/ preference of music.

1. ________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________

3. ________________________________________ 4. ________________________________________

5. ________________________________________ 6. ________________________________________

7. ________________________________________ 8. ________________________________________

9. ________________________________________ 10. ________________________________________