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Alien Hand Syndrome "Bought" By Big Pharma

How far will you go, Big Pharma?

Your tricks reach new lows as you relentless strive to build your ever-expanding empire through the power of marketing.

Your lie-filled propaganda now seeps into every crevice of health care imaginable, encouraging dis-ease within human brains, bodies, and souls.

Awareness is more important than ever.✨🙏🏼

UPMC HealthBeat published an article titled "Alien Hand Syndrome: How Unwanted Movement Disrupts Lives" on October 24, 2016, published by "NEUROSURGERY." {Click to read article.}

The condition mentioned in this linked article can be caused by a STROKE, which is, of course, a physical occurrence, requiring physical recovery, yet the medical recommendation in this article points to truly HARMFUL MEDICATIONS created by Big Pharma claiming evidence for effective treatment with benzos and botox yet without citing any sources!

I feel devastated.

No wonder society is getting sicker ~ even when people harness their power to seek help, they're filled with harmful drugs & half truths.

Suicide and depression are becoming top-tier statistics while humankind still understands so little about the human brain, mind, and consciousness, all while medically-based websites are spreading frighteningly inaccurate information promoting a large, money-making corporation's agenda.

I struggle with alien hand syndrome, and it requires PHYSICAL BRAIN RECOVERY similar to that of a stroke recovery, yet with their recommendations I would simply become hooked on harmful medications without finding any physical OR mental relief!

(I spent years on the medications they recommend, and it is not helpful: from both scientific research and personal experience, it's proven that these medications are extremely harmful.)

Why do they encourage harmful pills & unnecessary injections on a MEDICAL WEBSITE?

"The more you know, the healthier you live. Welcome to UPMC HealthBeat.

"UPMC HealthBeat is your TRUSTED SOURCE for everyday health and medical information. We offer reliable, usable, and easy-to-understand content — designed to help you feel a little bit better."

If I learned this information after just ONE YEAR of recovery & research, then how does the UPMC HealthBeat not know better?

Who's deciding what information is published as "medical truth"?

UPMC HealthBeat has 18K followers on twitters, 111K followers on Facebook, 3K followers on instagram, 69K followers on LinkedIn, & an ever-still wider audience on their primary website!

How many people are being misinformed?

How can we trust it?

How can we improve its depth of truth?

UPMC HealthBeat claims "We're Transforming the Future of Health Care" ~ Transforming it to over-medications & half-truths does not sound like a healthy future!

It's time to reclaim our power as a society through awareness of the deeper