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The Neurobiology of My Dissociative Identity Age Regressive States of Consciousness

Age regression is not a mental state of experience: it is a physical state of being that impacts experience from the deepest roots of my neurobiology.

Neurobiology of Childhood

During the early stages of childhood development, the brain and body are still in premature processes of formation.

Experience derives from the right brain hemisphere as the left brain hemisphere struggles to catch up with its development.

The frontal lobes, housing all conscious abilities, continually switch on and off in their activation states, as they have not yet developed enough to sustain conscious engagement.

The nervous system requires outside assistance to experience regulation.

Development of Age Regression

For my body's development, an intensively traumatic fold response {which I'll discuss in a separate article; also referred to as "submit" or "hypofreeze" traumatic response} became lodged within my nervous system, the traumatic energy becoming trapped within my brainstem like a sliver.

Like an sliver trapped in the body, my neurobiology responded in an attempt to save itself from it. This caused the development of my dissociative identity, my consciousness fragmenting its own innate access to cope with the unbearable reality.

Because this age regressive aspect of neurobiology is trapped within my brainstem, it integrates its information with all brainstem activity.

The brainstem links different parts of the central nervous system, including the forebrain, the cerebellum, and the spinal cord.

The brainstem has three parts: the midbrain, the pons, and the medulla.

The brainstem regulates breathing, heart rate, and even consciousness.

It is also a passageway to sensory and motor pathways, and the pain control center.

The brainstem represents the emergence area of most cranial nerves.

Activation of Age Regression

For me, age regression becomes activated when the neurobiological traumatic fold response becomes activated, and also when psychological age regressive activations occur.

When I am tired, just waking up, or about to go to bed...

When I am hungry, eating, or digesting food after eating...

When I feel generic, unconscious emotional sensations of embarrassment, sadness, inferiority, inadequacy, fear, confusion, or a myriad of other commonly experienced feelings...

When I interact with authority figures {parents, doctors, teachers of any kind}...

When I unconsciously recognize someone's face ~ literally anybody's face...

Then the age regressive aspect of my neurobiology becomes unconsciously activated and dominantly affects my experience of consciousness.

Age regression occurs completely unconsciously, meaning that exists beyond all awareness and control.

It took several years of daily meditation work to even be able to consciously observe the age regressive experiences due to the severity of disconnect within the consciousness, language centers existing on the opposite side of the brain from the age regressive experiences.

Age regression is never a choice, and shifting the experience is never directly within my power or immediate management.

The best I can do is influence the experience from behind the scenes of my consciousness, applying implicit language as much as possible to connect with these secreted aspects of myself.

Age regression is an aspect of my nervous system. Thus, it is an aspect of my experience, not my identity or worth.

Age regression reveals the immense courage and indescribable strength required for my survival, and I am so grateful to my parts of consciousness for helping me survive the way that they did.

I would not be here today without them or the neurobiology that they experience.

I love you unconditionally, dear parts within my nervous systems. You are miraculous, and you are a wonder to behold. Thank you for being exactly who you are. Thank you for allowing me to be exactly who I am.

Thank you for your Mosaic Mind.