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Welcome to The Kristin Chronicles' Healing Journey Homeschool, a recovery program I've spent the past 2 years designing for myself & I now excitedly share with YOU, brave beautiful warrior soul friends!

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"Kristin and her parts of consciousness have forged a path of recovery, growth and healing that is remarkable by anyone's standards. Articulate and authentic, this woman is an absolute gift, not only to those struggling with mental health issues, but to anyone seeking self-awareness and love. Her deep knowledge of all types of Structural Dissociation and how to live a beautiful life with this disorder is touching people around the world every day." ~Dr Nigel Surridge

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"I say, with zero hesitation, that Kristin has literally changed my life. As an innately empathetic, articulate and hardworking human being, she not only provides content that is in-depth, motivating and personalized, but content that is comprehensive, multi-dimensional, and backed in research. She is the essence of integrity, professionalism, authenticity and creativity, and also of courage, integrity and resilience. When the mental health system essentially failed her, she turned around and made it her mission to change the field for the better, and that is exactly what she is doing. Kristin Windsor is meant to change the world, and if you don't believe me, try working with her and watch your own life transform." ~Haley Stern

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Healing Journey Homeschool is a mental health life coaching program in the making, beginning with my own personal healing journey as I share it with others. From 2012-2015, I worked on my 400 page book of memoirs titled Known which shared my life story, chapter by chapter, & included journal prompts at the end of each section for the reader to share their personal journey alongside me. That work was lost in a tragic apartment fire, but it did not stop me from passionately pursuing my purpose. Since 2014, I've been actively advocating for mental health awareness on a variety of fronts, including working with NAMI & DBSA, as well as being published in The Mighty & TOI Magazine. In 2015, I designed a course called INSIGHT, which stands for Intellectually Nurturing Self-awareness, Identity, Goals, Hope, & Truth. Introspective journal prompts led clients to dive into self-discovery & personal growth with a beautiful emphasis on self-love. Through the content created for INSIGHT & the several clients I worked with, we dove into SoulSelf & discovered inner truths masked by daily monotony that were secretly impacting every moment of life experience. {Original Website for INSIGHT:} In 2016, I began creating daily routine worksheets for myself while in therapy for PTSD & treatment for bipolar disorder. While disabled & recovering from more recent traumas, I passionately pursued stabilization, tracking every detail of what I allowed into both my mind & my body. The daily worksheets I consistently stuck with for several months included the basics such as the time I took my medications, but also specific boxes to write affirmations & gratitude. As 2016 ended & 2017 began, I spent 24/7 investing in my healing journey: it was no longer something I only did when alone or when there was "free time." I daydreamed about creating my own personalized "in-patient treatment plan" where I could live in the countryside & just hardcore invest in my recovery. I fantasized of the various creative activities that would fill my healing days, if only I had the resources. After being diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder {DID} in 2017, I began creating "Alter Questionnaires," worksheets to help identify my personality discrepancies which would lead to identifying individual parts of my consciousness. Even while homeless & disabled, I was able to help a fellow trauma survivor discover her own DID diagnosis & begin identifying her parts of consciousness. In February 2018, I moved from being homeless in Colorado to staying with California on a beautiful farm a little over 1 acre. In March 2018, I created Healing Journey Homeschool, my own personal recovery program that has already benefitted dozens if not hundreds of other brave beautiful warrior soul friends as well! Healing Journey Homeschool became my full-time investment: for every struggle I encountered, I created assignments to work through them, categorizing those projects under individual course names. Healing Journey Homeschool is now comprised of 7 specialized courses that focus on Reclaiming Personal Power through a variety of creatively engaging healing journey prompts, projects, & activities.



The first course I created for Healing Journey Homeschool is called "Exploring Existence: Embracing Adulthood." Agoraphobia consumed me, terrified of being an adult, unable to leave the house: that is no longer the case thanks to this course! Other courses include: Restoring the Vessel: Physical Healing Journey. Subconscious Exploration: Discovering the Inner World. Transforming Trauma: Therapy Talk & Rewriting Life Story. Creating Daily Magic: Cultivating Healthy Habits. Embracing the Artistry of Existence: Living with Dissociative Amnesia. Discovering Magick: Spirituality & Finding Your Voice.


Here's a peek into the incredible value offered within each patreon tier: $1 Healing Journey Homeschool Patreon Tier

  • join the exclusive Healing Journey Homeschool patreon community!

  • behind-the-scenes organization of the Dissociative Identity Movement as founder Kristin Windsor proceeds towards manifesting her ambitious vision into reality!

  • exclusive content created for the Dissociative Identity Movement not to be publicly released until March 2020!

$3 Healing Journey Homeschool Patreon Tier

  • healing from interpersonal relationship wounds

  • insights regarding relationships & BPD, borderline personality disorder

  • reflecting on past positive & hurtful relationships from the perspective of "What parts were present & affecting my life experience?"

  • Coping Tips, Tricks, & Tools from the past year

  • personal peeks into the private home life of The Kristin Chronicles

  • plus content shared at the $1 tier!

$5 Healing Journey Homeschool Patreon Tier

  • behind-the-scenes as we play guitar & sing to specific cover songs to regulate my dysregulated autonomic nervous system

  • original downloadable photography

  • behind-the-scenes of creating art while living with a dissociative identity

  • original poetry written by various parts over the past 15 years, including from now!

  • plus EVERYthing included in the lower level tiers!

$10 Healing Journey Homeschool Patreon Tier

  • creating Letters to Parts as a personalized coping resource: including letters to the body, letters to fight parts, letters to child parts, letters to past me, letters to future me, letter to the going on with normal life self, & so on. {This is part of the Healing Journey Homeschool course called Subconscious Exploration: Discover the Inner World.}

  • creating coping tools to manage my dissociative amnesia {part of the course called Embracing the Artistry of Existence}.

  • learning to manage adulating responsibilities while living with chronic dissociation {part of the course called Exploring Existence}.

  • cultivating healthy habits with daily coping rituals: reveals my process of creating & establishing rituals along with the process of sustaining/ maintaining them. {This is part of the Healing Journey Homeschool course called Creating Daily Magic: Cultivating Healthy Habits.}

  • plus EVERYthing included in the lower level tiers!

$15 Healing Journey Homeschool Patreon Tier

  • case study with my chiropractor about dissociative identity disorder emphasizing the mind-body link/ connection

  • learning to cook despite severe, chronic dissociation

  • working through eating-disordered behaviour: behind-the-scenes of processing through the challenges of eating while living with DID, & overcoming challenges piece by piece to restore power over what I feed my body

  • exclusive weekly chiropractic treatment healing journey updates

  • spiritual healing journey, including monthly tarot card readings

  • plus EVERYthing included in the lower level tiers!

$20 Healing Journey Homeschool Patreon Tier

  • guided meditations

  • group mental health life coaching

  • ALL content to later be used in my Mental Health Life Coaching Program called "Healing Journey Homeschool": this exclusive, original curriculum will NEVER AGAIN be this affordable!

  • learn how to create daily routines or coping rituals

  • learn about a dysregulated autonomic nervous system & how to help regulate it

  • learn how to nurture your inner child

  • all with practically applicable ways to incorporate your new knowledge into daily life

  • gain access to an exclusive Facebook group to join patrons growing in community

  • {The cost of accessing this content will be dramatically increased when my life coaching program launches to the general public: make sure to seize this limited-time opportunity!!}

  • plus EVERYthing included in the lower level tiers!

$25 Healing Journey Homeschool Patreon Tier

  • learning about Janina Fisher's multi-conscious parts approach from her 2017 book about trauma recovery called Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors: Overcoming Internal Self-Alienation

  • learning to apply the multi-conscious parts approach & use the language of parts to work with individual parts

  • online daily check-ins through the secret Facebook group

  • group mental health life coaching

  • learning to reframe past pains to transform the subconscious stories that linger & live on

  • transforming trauma, bit by bit, reclaiming power every time we notice a piece that's still missing

  • plus EVERYthing included in the lower level tiers!


I invite you to join this epically magical, marvelously miraculous, persistently transformative healing journey. I guarantee it will only get more magical moving forward. ✨in Light & Love✨ 🌟Namaste🌟 ~Kristin Windsor~