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Daily Challenge: 7 Days Of Personal Growth

Welcome to the #kristinchronicles #7daysofpersonalgrowth #dailychallenge!

Every online daily challenge created by The Kristin Chronicles will focus on some aspect of personal growth along one's healing journey. (For more about online daily challenges, I've created this article.)

This is part of a beautiful, magical, wondrous healing journey as we learn to unleash our true potential & love ourselves unconditionally. I invite you to join me!

Post daily for 1 week to successfully complete the challenge! Include the hashtags listed to be featured by The Kristin Chronicles.

(If you ever get stuck, please feel free to message me anytime! Send me an email, a DM on Instagram, or a message on Facebook for aid & support along this healing journey.)

(Image credits to Kwin's Photography.)

Self-Care Sunday. Begin the new week & finish off the weekend by loving on yourself today! Share a photograph of an activity that cares for your mental health, & explain how it helps with mental health.🌟 #selfcaresunday #kristinchronicles #7daysofpersonalgrowth #dailychallenge

Mindful Monday. Set today's intention to be mindful of each moment, fully & unconditionally living in the present & experiencing the power of now. Share a photograph of one (or many!) beautiful moments you experience because of mindfulness today.🌟 #mindfulmonday #kristinchronicles #7daysofpersonalgrowth #dailychallenge

Timelapse Tuesday. Share a photograph of you now or then & reflect on one aspect of personal progress made sometime in the past few years.🌟 #timelapsetuesday #kristinchronicles #7daysofpersonalgrowth #dailychallenge

Wellness Wednesday. Share a peek into one thing habit (thing you do regularly) you have or would like to have to invest in & improve your mental &/or physical health.🌟 #wellnesswednesday #kristinchronicles #7daysofpersonalgrowth #dailychallenge

Thoughtful Thursday. What do you want out of life? Share about one passion (hobby, talent) or goal (dream, objective) you have.🌟 #thoughtfulthursday #kristinchronicles #7daysofpersonalgrowth #dailychallenge

(Secondary Thoughtful Thursday option: Share a photograph of now or then & reflect on & celebrate one aspect of personal progress made since then.🌟 #thoughtfulthursday #kristinchronicles #7daysofpersonalgrowth #dailychallenge)

Freedom From Fear Friday. Go into the weekend celebrating yourself & mindfully choosing to never live out of fear! Share a post about a fear you have overcome or are working towards overcoming, & celebrate every bit of progress you've made in reclaiming your personal power. “Fear is not fatal. Failure is not final. It is the courage to continue that counts” (Winston Churchill).🌟 #freedomfromfearfriday #CourageToContinue #kristinchronicles #7daysofpersonalgrowth #dailychallenge

Self-Love Saturday. Share a photograph of yourself with a caption that compliments your soul.🌟 #selflovesaturday #soulfulcompliment #kristinchronicles #7daysofpersonalgrowth #dailychallenge

(*Soulful Compliment: validating an aspect of one's identity that A) has nothing to do with physical appearances, B) is not dependent on others in any way, & C) cannot be removed in any circumstance—an aspect of one's beautiful soul that may withstand any obstacle.)🌟

{Daily Challenge: 7 Days of Personal Growth. Originally published 1 April 2018.}

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