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5 Day Deepening Self-Love Challenge

Welcome to the #KristinChronicles #5DayDeepeningSelfLoveChallenge!

(Image Credits to Kristin Windsor with Kwin's Photography.)

Every online daily challenge created by The Kristin Chronicles will focus on some aspect of personal growth along one's healing journey. (For more about online daily challenges, I've created this article.)

This is part of a beautiful, magical, wondrous healing journey as we learn to unleash our true potential & love ourselves unconditionally. I invite you to join me!

So often, our personal worth is dependent upon other people or physical circumstances. This #5DayDeepeningSelfLoveChallenge is a phenomenal step along soul's healing journey towards reclaiming personal power & unleashing your true potential, cultivating a life of peace & fulfillment.

A soulful compliment is one that validates an aspect of one's identity that A) has nothing to do with physical appearances, B) is not dependent on others in any way, & C) cannot be removed in any circumstance—an aspect of one's beautiful soul that may withstand any obstacle.

Every day, post a photo with a soulful compliment towards yourself.

The challenge is successfully completed when five posts have been shared, each with a different personal soulful compliment.

(Note: it is not required for it to be five consecutive days to succeed, but I believe the more consistently the posts are shared, the greater the personal growth you will experience.)

If you ever get stuck, please feel free to message me anytime! Send me an email, a DM on Instagram, or a message on Facebook for aid & support along this healing journey.

Join me on this healing journey of self-discovery & personal growth as we unleash our soul's true potential! It all begins with cultivating deeper self-love.

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