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2nd Ellen Application!

Write to Ellen: TV Show Application.

Would a New Car Change Your Life?

If you're driving around in a vehicle on its last wheels, a new ride can be life-changing, especially if you're struggling just to make ends meet. If you or an incredible person you know needs a better lift, let us know here! Tell us about the car you drive now, and the impact a new vehicle would have on your life. Explain why it's important to you and your family. You never know what could happen!

My Application Response:

I've been driving Tilden the Truck, a 1998 Ford Ranger, since March 2012. I have now moved over 30 times since then. I thought I was just adventurous; I am, but there was a lot more going on all these years on a subconscious level within my being. Last year, I was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID). I now understand that all of those moves were because one of my 'flight' parts of consciousness {within structural dissociation within my dissociative identity} named Zina Zintar was 'fronting', meaning the one in the front seat of the body making all executive decisions. Because my autonomic nervous system is chronically dysregulated from trauma, my sympathetic nervous system was overactive & making decisions against my better judgment. After being assaulted in February 2018 for a 4th time during my adult years, I moved from CO to CA to stay with family. My mechanic begged me not to make the drive: he feared for my life; Tilden's ball joints & wheel bearings were close to falling off, he said. Unable to afford the repairs & unable to remain where I was, I made the 1300 mile drive. TILDEN SURVIVED. I am so proud of his courage! But now, I remain stuck, stranded, unable to pursue my dreams & deep, soulful healing to the fullest. After being disabled for 4 years, I know a new car is a LONG ways down the road, & this holds me back immensely as I attempt to rebuild my life from the ground up. A driveable vehicle would COMPLETELY TRANSFORM MY LIFE!!!

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