How Miraculously Strange It Is To Be Anything At All

JUST BEING A PERSON IS ENOUGH. "How strange it is to be anything at all," I journaled just weeks before slipping in to a 6 month dissociative blackout that began 4 excruciating years battling homelessness and disability. Marveling at my own energetic expanse was one of the gifts I gained through years of dissociative experiences. The truth is, SIMPLY EXISTING IS A MIRACLE. Skin is a miracle. Lungs are a miracle. Organs are miracles. Feet are a miracle. Fingers are a miracle. Laughter is a miracle. Emotions are miracles. Eyeballs are miracles. Ears are miracles. Breathing is a miracle. Walking is a miracle. Talking is a miracle. Language processing is a miracle. Dreaming is a miracle. We exist with so many infinite, unconscious miracles, and we don't even know it! The truth is, simply existing is MIRACULOUS. Just being a miraculous person is ENOUGH to be worthy of LOVE. Which includes self-love. YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVING YOURSELF. There are no boundaries to life: those are neurobiologically-fabricated illusions. The truth is that we are more expansive than we can even comprehend. We are allowed to find AWE and WONDER within our own miraculous existence. We are allowed to drop the weight of feeling like we're not enough. We're allowed to redefine perfection, too: to me, being PERFECT means being AUTHENTIC, raw and real, untamed and expressed. Being perfect means embracing the HEARTBEAT of LIFE, which is fiiiiilled with ups and downs! "How strange it is to be anything at all." And oh!, how purely MIRACULOUS to even EXIST. Embrace your enoughness today by gazing into a mirror and gently whispering, "I love you. Thanks for being my miracle."