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Healing Extensions of Loving Gratitude

What does it mean to choose gratitude? I used to think living in gratitude meant I would feel good all the time, just flowing in abundance with all my thankfulness. But life has many ups and downs, and emotions are an inevitable part of the human experience. Gratitude does not allows produce immediate feel-good feelings. Yet gratitude does hold immense power of higher vibrational frequencies ~ what we tend to label as "positivity" or "good vibes." Gratitude, similar to love, holds a healing energy within its existence. So, even when we don't FEEL thankful, expressing gratitude or choosing to focus on what we're fateful for, can plant healing seeds of higher vibrational frequencies that feed our healing path with deepened love. Meditating on what there is to be thankful for as a continual practice can bring internal healing and more peacefilled, patient presence with the external unfoldings of our life experience. Moments of feeling thankful also feed these healing energies within our consciousness. Feeding gratitude can actually grow subconscious neuropathways within our human brain that allow for a transformation of perspective: the brain tends to focus on what's going wrong, which causes us pain, anxiety, and depression. When we choose to invest on a new focus, our experience can feel a teeny tiny bit more beautiful, one energetic piece at a time. Gratitude consciously redirects our unconscious focus. Gratitude lovingly feeds internal healing energies. Gratitude provides an alternate perspective, shifting our attention to something beautiful rather than allowing for the natural worry-pain-focused tendencies of perception. Gratitude can help us heal our subconscious parts, too, as we provide presence that feeds healing-potentials. We can even express gratitude for our body that can plant healing seeds within our unconscious states. Unconditional gratitude is even more powerful than conditional gratitude: when we are thankful for something that is substantial, rather than temporary, the energetic-healing-seeds are more powerful, and can grow and blossom into even bigger beauties within the garden of our minds and lives. I love you sunshine: thank you for radiating through every day so faithfully to illuminate the world around me. I love you Moon: thank you for your many miraculous phases that teach me how to embrace myself no matter how much of myself I can see. I love you Mother Gaia: thank you for providing LIFE in so many MAGICAL ways through your miraculous energy. I love you Father Sky: thank you for your many seasons of self-expression that sustain so much beauty on earth and teach me to embrace my many inner seasons as well. I love you sunset: thank you for teaching me that endings can be beautiful too. I love you sunrise: thank you for showing me how we can always rise up again no matter the darkness we experience. I love you stars: thank you for teaching me that BEAUTY and hope can shine through ANY experience of darkness. I love you body: thank you for carrying me. I love you breath: thank you for sustaining me. I love you courage: thank you for fighting for me. I love you tenderness: thank you for cradling me. I love you compassion: thank you for nurturing me. I love you toes, feet, knees, shins, calves, thighs: thank you for helping me move through my days. I love you belly: thank you for magically transforming food into energy I can use. I love you face: thank you for helping me express myself. I love you ears: thank you for helping me process the sound waves that you feel. I love you eyes: thank you for helping me see through the light waves that you sense. I love you emotions: thank you for helping me know what's happening within my own self beyond my immediate awareness. I love you hands: thank you for helping me do so many amazing things every single day. I love you voice: thank you for helping me create Vocal Vibrations that contribute SO much to who I am and what I can experience. I love you, I love you, I love you: thank you for being exactly who/what/when/where/how/why you are.

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