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Embrace the Miracle that You Are

You are a miracle. Your breath is a miracle. Your reflection is a miracle. Your perspective is a miracle. Your ability to move through this world is a miracle. Your presence is a miracle. Each moment is filled with so many gifts. Will you let them slip through your awareness, or will you grab onto them with gratitude? Will you rise into Everyday Magic through the Power of Presence, or will you continue forfeiting opportunities within each miraculously unfolding moment? Our brains are energy. Our thoughts are energy. Our minds are energy. We can transform the consciousness we live in if we choose to rise into our Personal Power. Every day can hold beauty if we choose to shift the perspective and play with our positional viewpoint of what's happening around us and within us. Will you embrace your magic? Will you embrace the wondrous miracle that you are? Will you embrace your power and rise in to the opportunity of each unfolding moment? Or will you forfeit the chance to reclaim your power? Will you stand on the sidelines and allow the pursuit of happiness to pass you by? Will you continue looking beyond yourself for the fulfillment that you so deeply desire? Your time is NOW. Your power is NOW. The miracle of all that you are is NOW. Message me if you are ready to step in to your power. There is no better time than now.

With Love & Light,

~Kristin Windsor, Consultant of Consciousness

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