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June 2019: Kristin Chronicles' Healing Journey Notes.

I need to clear memory on my laptop, so here are some unedited notes from June 2019!

I never explicitly remember these things, but I know the implicit experience remains within my consciousness, and explicit notes help the information move forward with me!

June 29, 2019, at 10:50 AM:


***Should it be “your” or “our” when discussing parts???????????? We use YOUR here but maybe WE/OUR is more encompassing… I think it’s “you” because protectors are helping me type….! Woah :O <3


Memories come from subconscious parts, both consciously accessible and unconsciously impacting our life experience from “behind-the-scenes.”

Any form of physical posture comes from subconscious parts: from how straight we sit in our chair to our gait while walking or running, subconscious parts carry us, impacting the moment by moment unfolding of our life experience through unconscious {beyond immediate awareness} sense of self.

Experiences like procrastination come from subconscious parts, a portion of the consciousness — deep within, beyond all awareness — experiencing the hyperfreeze response, blocking mental cognition and causing difficulty in engaging with the prioritized task at hand.

Personal preferences come from subconscious parts: movies, books, music, entertainment or pastimes, hobbies or passions

Personal food & beverage taste come from subconscious parts: whether it be tolerance to spicy intensity, or impulsive cravings for specific flavours, these aspects of self and life experience all derive from subconscious parts.

First impressions come from subconscious parts: upon first meeting someone new, the mind often draws a variety of assumptions and conclusions, from general feelings to specific judgments, all of which derives from subconscious parts.

Experiences of body temperature come from subconscious parts: from sporadic, unnameable hot flashes to being cold in the grocery store, subconscious parts are constantly impacting life experience from behind-the-scenes of consciousness.

Energy levels come from subconscious parts: from sleepiness to hyperactivity, levels of mental and physical energetic engagement moment by moment are predicted/dictated/impacted by subconscious parts.

Subconscious parts are where worries and anxieties come from: questioning yourself, intrusive thoughts, racing thoughts, worries about what could go wrong or what you haven’t done that you should, etc., all come from subconscious parts.

Personal talent comes from subconscious parts: from math geniuses to music prodijeys,

Subconscious parts are

Tone, volume, and fluctuation of both speaking and singing voice comes from subconscious parts.

Subconscious parts are

Subconscious parts are

Subconscious parts are

Eye contact comes from subconscious parts: from intentionally directing our gaze to the experience of making eye contact with another human being, subconscious parts are what allow for these experiences, affecting them from behind-the-scenes of consciousness.