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Felicity Embraces Age 26.

When the world had no room for me, I created space to be myself.

When the world had no healing for me, I created my own healing.

When the world's truth condemned me, I discovered divine truth independently & it liberated me from all condemnation.

I am a warrior of consciousness.

I create a path where there is none.

I keep dreaming when all else have forgotten how.

I embody love even when feeling afraid.

I am a truth speaker, light bearer.

I am not here to feed comfort or fuel ego: I am here to shatter all borders & crumple the edges so all become one in unconditional love.

I value integrity & being impeccable with my word.

I value honesty, authenticity, & vulnerability.

I value internal healing.

I value being an intentional creator of life experience.

I am here to be of service.

I am here to share my gifts as I sharpen them.

I am here to be the change I wish to see in the world.

I am here to empower the evolution of human consciousness.

I am here to create healing opportunities for souls like mine.

I am here to be bold with my healing & to emPOWER others to be the same.

I am here to help transform lives the way I always desired to transform mine.

I am here to emPOWER the healing of the planet, the healing of collective consciousness.

I am here to remind people of their power.

I am here to emPOWER healing change.

I am here to share the secrets of consciousness & the human experience.

I am an entrepreneur because there is no other way to fulfill my life's mission: I must be intentional in creating space for my soul's work.

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