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About My Patreon Page: the past 6 months

This has been my Patreon introduction, "about the Kristin Chronicles," since I first launched the page at the beginning of 2018.


I envision a world where differences are celebrated rather than shunned, where the unknown is explored rather than feared, & where vulnerability is considered a strength rather than a weakness.

Welcome to The Kristin Chronicles Journey, where consciousness & coping tools are among the many fascinating & applicable topics discussed along this road to remission as I learn to live with a complex, disabling health condition called dissociative identity disorder, or DID for short, which is a severe mental illness caused by adverse circumstances during youth. Rather than possessing one state of consciousness as most people do, I have around two dozen alternate states of consciousness called "alters." Dissociation might be compared with a terrifying psychedelic trip, or even a severe schizophrenic episode—fascinating yet ghastly. I experience life with dozens of perspectives. Severe dissociation causes my consciousness to constantly shift, my identity & viewpoint of the world changing with it. Despite the trauma from such dramatic shifts, experiencing everything from such a wide variety of perspectives is deeply intriguing & thoroughly fascinating. The insights I've gained along my journey are nothing short of miraculous. Through written words, videos, & various artistic outlets of self-expression, I hope to raise awareness about DID, aiding beautiful souls along the way with their journey towards healing, self-discovery, & personal growth. There are no treatments, support groups, or medications available for DID. Few people understand anything about DID, either, so those who live with it suffer alone. Raising awareness dramatically impacts the reality of those with DID for the better. Sharing my journey has already positively touched the lives of people all around the globe, which empowers me to keep going full speed ahead. These chronicles explore self-awareness, self-love, & self-discovery in depth on a personal level. I share my own journey while challenging my readers to reflect upon their own walks of life.


Along the journey, I also play the role of life coach for several individuals who struggle with similar issues as I do. In joining my journey, you are also supporting theirs, & we all thank you deeply for your involvement in The Kristin Chronicles Journey. I strive to reveal that we are both majestic ROYALTY & get-your-hands-dirty-in-the-trenches WARRIORS. I aim to cast a light revealing/ radiating the divine light within us all, - to help beautiful souls recognize & release their inner light, beauty, worth, & potential. I want to be an example of what being broken & beautiful genuinely looks like. I want to shine through the cracks of my broken humanity—not pretend that I don’t have any cracks at all. I want to be the rainbow after the storm—because I am also the storm, & I refuse to feel shame for that aspect of my identity. I want to be the beautiful rose that represents a cherishing love—& also the thorns that poke you as you hug me. Because that is real. That is true. That is who I am.


What do YOU get out of all this? Why should YOU join the Kristin Chronicles journey & becomes a patron?

  • First-hand account of life with a fascinatingly complex yet terrifyingly disabling health condition

  • Thought-provoking articles

  • Chance to change lives, as your support helps the Kristin Chronicles mission continue

  • Original photography

  • Original poetry

  • Inspirational & insightful videos

  • The gratification of knowing you are supporting an incredible cause

  • Private peeks into the personal life of The Kristin Chronicles: behind the scenes

  • The opportunity to contribute your own opinion towards the creative process of The Kristin Chronicles

Goal of The Kristin Chronicles Journey: how I'll know I've succeeded on my mission.

  • People who once had little to no understanding of mental health now understand the basics as well as important terms such as dissociation.

  • People who once felt ashamed by their feelings now speak openly about their mental health.

  • People struggling with DID (such as myself) no longer need to live in the shadows & fear sharing their true identities with their surrounding world.

Short-term goals of the Kristin Chronicles:

  • Continue creating content for my blog, both written articles & video creations.

  • Continue sharing my journey on social media to advocate for mental health, to challenge myself to focus on the positives of life's journey, & to offer a helping hand to others struggling with mental illnesses.

  • Continue working with mental health non-profit organizations to raise both awareness & finances to help those in need.

Long-Term goals of the Kristin Chronicles:

  • Public speaking about mental health at local high schools & colleges.

  • Apply to be on television talk shows like Dr. Phil & Ellen DeGeneres to both raise awareness about DID & gain support & resources along my healing journey.

  • Prepare a TedTalks speech & apply to speak at a conference.

  • Write a book about my journey with DID.

  • Design apps to help manage DID, including an avatar creator to help bring the alters to life in a helpful, healing manner, & a "mood tracker" to keep notes about various symptoms & problematic issues DID poses.

  • Write a workbook to guide newly diagnosed DID patients through the early stages of treatment, specifically using the co-consciousness approach where the priority is getting to know the alters (including addressing the effects of trauma moreso than just memories of the original event).

  • Design a proposed treatment plan for DID, as no great one exists, or at least some tool or guidebook for therapists who are learning to treat DID.


The income received through Patreon will allow me to lead a thriving life rather than a disabled one as I continue to heal & grow, helping dozens of other beautiful souls along the way. Specifically, the money will go towards the following:

  • food

  • medicine

  • basic necessities

  • coping tools (such as essential oils & other aromatherapy tools)

  • transportation

  • an external hard drive (I'm out of space on both laptop & phone; I either lose content or cannot keep creating it)

  • a video camera to create higher quality content

  • inexpensive co-pays for various brain scans & medical tests to understand my condition further



$1: ✨Join The Kristin Chronicles Journey!✨

  • Enter the official online community of The Kristin Chronicles journey!

  • Gain access to exclusive posts for patrons only.

$2: ✨Mental Health Warrior!✨

  • Proud title of Mental Health Warrior!

  • Weekly articles are released from The Kristin Chronicles on a variety of topics related to mental health, from aspects of dissociative identity disorder to coping tools & tips for cultivating self-love & a healthy ego.

  • Weekly video blog. Kristin shares insights into dissociative identity disorder, self-discovery, healing, personal growth, self-care, coping tools, celebrating personal victories, mental health advocacy, shedding the past to embrace the future, unleashing your greatest version, & so much more!

  • PLUS all previous rewards.

$4: ✨Wellness Warrior!✨

  • A mark to boast about as an official Wellness Warrior!

  • A regular update regarding Kristin's personal progress towards goals, both for healing & treatment as well as for creative projects such as written articles or video ideas.

  • Original videos created by Kristin Windsor to both inspire & uplift! Beautiful reminders of our divine light within & our ability to achieve whatever we set our minds to.

  • PLUS all previous rewards!

$10: ✨INSIGHT Warrior!✨

  • INSIGHT stands for Intellectually Nurturing Self-awareness, Identity, Goals, Hope, & Truth. INSIGHT Warriors are those beautiful souls who pursue that level of personal growth & are a patron of The Kristin Chronicles journey as well! It's truly a badge to wear with pride.

  • Original Photography by Kristin Windsor with Kwin's Photography

  • Songs featuring Kristin Windsor playing guitar & singing; many cover songs & even a few originals! Realeased 2-4 times/ months.

  • Badge of honour as an official INSIGHT Warrior! (Referencing

  • PLUS all previous rewards!

$15: ✨Warrior of Consciousness!✨

  • Warriors of Consciousness is among the highest tier possible for our incredible warriors. Not only do you advocate for mental health awareness & believe in the importance of mental health, but you go the extra mile to understand your own consciousness & to allow that wisdom to provide greater personal peace & improved patience with others as you grow ever closer to unleashing the greatest version of yourself, tapping into your true purpose & potential.

  • Original poetry by Kristin Windsor over the past ten years. Excerpts from her poetry books, such as "The Echo of Thought" & "The Rhythm of My Roots." Released 2-5 times/ month.

  • Weekly "Peek Into Personal Life," an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into the author's private world.

  • An exclusive look into The Kristin Chronicles Journey. Sneak a peek into the daily life of Kristin from The Kristin Chronicles journey. Exclusive videos & written blogs provide insight into the aspects of life Kristin does not share with the general public.

  • PLUS all previous rewards!


  • An ORIGINAL Kristin Chronicles video DEDICATED TO YOU!

  • THANK YOU for allowing me to continue working at my very BEST every single day thanks to your contribution to this journey. You are my superhero. ^_^