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Meditation Visuals

I sing the national anthem, trusting my impulses.

I feel a renewed sense of stabilization.

Instinctively, I proceed towards energy work.

I activate my crown chakra.

I feel Light.

I activate my third eye chakra.

I send divine healing & unconditional love to the cells in my face fighting to heal. I seep healing energies into my cheekbones, eyebrows, & jawline.

I proceed with my energy work, slowly gathering the high vibrations & moving them down along my body.

Through all of this, I began experiencing colour in my mind's eye: flashes of red & purple, colours of royalty & of the third eye & root chakras.

I activate my throat chakra. I burst out in song, the words I speak flowing into beautiful harmony, soothing melody. The beauty of my own voice surprises me. The experience of feeling surprised does not cause me to dissociate like normal. I continue in song with a small smile slipping across my angelic face.

I briefly touch on my heart chakra, but I can feel the shift begin from divine serenity to mortal anxiety so I do not linger as long as with the previous energetic points.

An imagine of a goddess appears before me. I am not familiar with this energetic presence or the accompanying visual. I grow apprehensive, worried that it could be a dark energy, a negative entity.

I later learn that this is Avalokiteśvara, a buddhist goddess.

  • the goddess of death

  • symbolizes change

  • patience

  • great compassion,

  • great loving-kindness

  • lion-courage

  • leader amongst gods and men

  • the great omnipresent Brahman

  • universal light: the Buddhist deity that is most connected with light {commonly described as radiating light which shines over all sentient beings and all corners of the universe}

  • creator: It is believed that the whole cosmos exists as a manifestation of avalokitesvara’s creative activity.

  • vow to save all sentient beings: Another prominent story tells of Avalokitesvara vowing to not rest until he had freed all sentient beings from samsara. After strenuous effort, he realized that still many unhappy beings were not saved yet. The struggle to comprehend so many needs caused his head to split into eleven pieces. Then, Amitabha Buddha gave him eleven heads with which to hear the cries of the suffering. He hears the cries and attempts to reach out to all of those in need, but his two arms shattered into pieces. Once more, Amitabha came to his aid and invests him with a thousand arms with which to aid the suffering of multitudes. Many Himalayan versions of the previous tale include eight arms with which Avalokitesvara skillfully upholds the dharma, each arm possessing its own particular implement.

I release what no longer serves me. I remove all negativity that hinders me. I release all limiting beliefs. I release all past traumas. Only Love & Light are allowed in my being: all else is banished from my presence. Only Love & Light are allowed in my being!!!!!!!

I pull icky energy from my sacral chakra.

I speak affirmations so confidently that I don't recognize my own voice. Words flow naturally, repetition does not feel forced, & I flow with the rhythm, moving my body to the beat of my own chant.

I manifest meeting Ellen & being on her TV show. I manifest a new car. I manifest a new phone. I manifest the opportunity to create content without any technological challenges or interruptions. I manifest $1000/ month on Patreon. I manifest the continued successful creation of my Healing Journey Homeschool program.

With a smile on my face, I shake my music makers & repeat over & over "I am so excited to meet Ellen! I am SOOO EXCITED to meet Ellen! I am SO EXCITED to meet Ellen! I am so grateful to be meeting Ellen! I am so excited to be on Ellen's show!" & again & again for each of my heart's desires.

I invite Jesus to spend time with me, moving everything from the seat next to me in my truck to solidify my intentions.

I casually begin speaking with Jesus as his energetic presence forms beside me.

Jesus floats up from the seat next to me & hovers directly in front of & slightly above me. The emotional experience of divine inner peace & experiencing unconditional compassion & love never falters.

He presses his forehead against mine.

Slowly, his position extends from in front of me to slightly above me as he tips himself over like a teapot, pouring infinite unconditional love from his forehead to mine, rivaling the imagery of a teapot for the comfort of our child parts of consciousness.

{Honey poured in spiral from toes to head.}