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2/10/18 assault: video blogs.

On the night of Friday, February 9th, 2018, around midnight, the man I was living with came in while I was sleeping, intoxicated to an extreme. A fight started when he knocked over my expensive guitar due to his drunken stumbling.

The fight turned from shouting to physical violence. (More on that some other time, down the road when this is ancient history.) I called the police & had over a dozen men there shortly taking our statements. The EMTs took me to the local ER in an ambulance because of my situation: being homeless during freezing cold snowy nights with nowhere else to go, & a disabling medical condition on top of it all, & the situation was clearly not safe to remain in for the night.

I stayed the night in the emergency room alone, unable to sleep due to severe anxiety & inability to access medical marijuana or xanax, the only things I have to help reduces such severe symptoms. Someone I used to work with was able to pick me up in the morning & give me a place to stay for a few days until I could gather my belongings & leave town to stay with safe, loving friends.

Below are series of videos chronically moments following the assault

as I worked to fight through the physical & mental horror

in order to cope & survive as well as I possibly could.

1 day post-assault: 2/11 check-in.

2/12 AM check-in: Homeless in the Snow.

2/12 evening: Moving Cities.

2 days post-assault: 2/12 PM check-in: Physical Health.

2 days post-assault: 2/12 PM check-in: Mental Health.

3 days post-assault: 2/13 check-in: About Losing Belongings in the Move.

new alter: "hulkout."

4 days post-assault: 2/14 check-in.

7 days post-assault: 2/17 check-in.

Medical Marijuana for Physical Pain Relief!

Thanking those who have helped during this difficult time!!!

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