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Mindfulness Exercise to Ground Self in Present Moment.

This is a mindfulness exercise to ground yourself in the present moment through an imaginative visualization technique.

Go somewhere outside of your daily norm, the typical routine of your every day life. I typically choose a local park, as its within my comfort zone & close by yet has variety in its scenery that is aesthetically pleasing & is not something I see every day.

Select a scene to stare at, in nature if possible, & choose a place to either sit or lay down & be able to see that scene from. Whether it's children on a playground or lightning during a storm, select one scene to focus all your attention on.

Squirrels chasing each other in trees, waves on a beach or ripples in the water at a lake, leaves & branches blowing in the wind, a neighbour playing fetch with his dog, your cat using his scratching post or eating a meal, Christmas lights decorated on a house, children on a swing set at the park, birds flying, shapes & movement of clouds overhead... Whatever it is, find one scene to remain focused on for a few minutes.

Pretend that you've never seen this before

This area of land, these happenings of nature, these creatures of earth... Pretend that it's all new, that you're an alien, a foreigner to this earth, or at least this part of earth. Pretend you've never looked upon this scene before.

Notice it. Truly, deeply notice it.

Study it.

Admire it.

Describe its details, big & small, obvious & subtle, quiet & noisy, chaotic & calm, colourful & grayscale.

Get descriptive & creative.

Allow that scene to be all that exists within your world, & allow this task to be the only focus of your thoughts. You have never seen this area before. What do you notice?

If you feel comfortable, try describing it aloud to yourself. Pretend you're narrating a documentary if you'd like. Use any tools you have & focus on whatever helps your imagination spark to life. Use adjectives you'd forgotten about!

Describe this scene like you've never scene if before. It can truly help bring you into this present moment, dissipating the darkness previously clouding all vision.

Video from November 22nd, 2017.

Give it a try & please let me know what you think!

Did it work for you? Is there anything you might suggest adding or adjusting to this exercise?

You may send a direct, private email to me personally with your thoughts, comments, & feedback! Questions are also always welcome, about anything regarding my life or dissociative identity disorder (DID).

Click here to send Kristin a personal email!

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