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Occupations of Alters.


The complexity of dissociative identity disorder (DID) stems from the intensity of how consciousness works due to its fascinatingly complex inner-workings.

Each internal family system has multiple alters, or alternate states of consciousness, that can present like alternate identities or personalities at times.

Just as each alter has their own unique identity in a variety of aspects, they each have their own "career path," whether it's something they daydream of or something that we've actually achieved in the physical world at some point in life.

I do not yet know all of the alters within my system, but I believe I know at least a third of them, most of which have their own career paths or dreams of one.


My alters who are stuck in childhood or teenage years do not have their own career, although they may have dreams of one. Ocean, Bambi, Keagan, & Monika do not have jobs, but Ocean dreams of being a mermaid when she grows up, & Keagan really enjoys basketball & playing the drums so perhaps those are among his future career fantasies.

The parts within my system who carry the most trauma are emotional parts. These alters, including Kingsley & the dark entity, also do not have jobs in the physical world.

The three adult ANPs, however, do have their own career paths which are clearly defined in their identities & can be distinctly observed in the physical world at various points in time.


Krystal has always had a huge passion for children & animals. She began babysitting when we were just six years-old & started pet-sitting during our late years of elementary school.

During high school & college, this was her main go-to as a source of income. In 2012, she launched her own small business called Kwin's Care for Kiddos, now titled Kwin's Care Services in an attempt to "fit in" within the professional, adult community. She even has her own website:


Kristin dabbles in a variety of arts, although none have ever actually paid the bills.

She is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to writing & has always taken great pride in being a published author.


Kristin picked up photography during her pre-teen years & continued pursuing it through high school & college.

Although the knowledge has since faded, she spent several years in educational courses about photography in both the local 4-H club as well as her high school.


Kristin is especially thrilled when she creates opportunities to utilize multiple artistic outlets at once, such as writing & photography: