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The Responsibilities of Each Alter.

Jobs Within Our System

Each alternate state of consciousness is created for a specific purpose. When a need is not being met by the alters already in the system, another alter is "born" to fill that need.

My Alters: Bambi, Kristin, Monika, Misty, Krystal, & Kingsley

Kristin, the ANP host of the system, is the alter who is out most of the time. She helps us learn new information & make rational decisions based on all the information rather than our biased, emotional opinion. She matures with age, unlike most other alters within our internal family system.

Bambi is a little, a child in our system, who happens to be quite free-spirited. She keeps life exciting by appreciating the small joys of life & by viewing the world from a child’s beautiful perspective. With Bambi's help, we explore nature with great glee & thrill, allowing every tiny detail to add to the exciting drama of a story unfolding. She appreciates the details of bugs & other various aspects of nature. Bambi is easily entertained & prevents boredom from triggering us by keeping us entertained with adorable observations regarding our surroundings.

Krystal, the ANP caregiver, rules the domain of adulting responsibilities, such as cleaning, budgeting, planning, & organizing. She is also the teacher of the group, being gifted in everything from tutoring to public speaking. Krystal is the one who started our small businesses, the most successful ones being Animal Come-Along Petting Zoo in elementary school, & Kwin's Care for Kiddos when college began. She is our greatest connection with children & animals & allows us to fully & comfortably interact with them. Misty, the "partygirl protector," helps us socialize & release tension & stress at a variety of social gatherings. She is the wonderful reason we meet so many new people! Her lack of anxiety allows us to be more spontaneous than usual. Thanks to Misty, we can dance our worries away; we can even enjoy an intimate connection with no emotional ties to risk getting hurt.

Monika, another type of protector, is in charge of managing pain & anger, for the most part. She helps us cope when things start growing darker. Monika disconnects us from the exhausting obligations of life. The perfectionist, workaholic, & socialite within us get a break while she allows us to rest, enjoying being up late, binge-watching television shows, & eating an assortment of junk food without getting sick.

Her taste in food is often overly-sweet or overly-salty: we are so disconnected from our body when we dissociate that it's difficult to identity sensations, including tastes. Using excessively strong flavours, the easiest & cheapest being super sweet or super salty foods & beverages, helps ground us in reality. Even if it doesn't decrease the negative state we are dissociated to, it can comfort our system & help us cope until the sun comes out again.

Kingsley, the persecutor, carries a great deal of trauma for us so that it doesn’t weigh us down like it otherwise would. Kingsley is extremely disconnected from everything: when it all becomes too much, Kingsley is who we dissociate to. In that state, we feel nothing.

Each alter serves their own specific, unique purpose within our internal family system. It is a blessing to not have to carry the burden of this life alone. :)

Responsibilities of my Alters:

Present Day to Day Life

Kristin is creative, resourceful, optimistic, & has a strong enough foundation of faith in the seemingly impossible to keep us going towards great goals. Otherwise we would just care about survival from day to day, for the most part.

Bambi points out the small joys of life to keep our spirits up.

Krystal helps us take a shower & eat when we don't feel like it.

Krystal & Misty ensure that we get up & move around throughout the day. (Otherwise the others would be lazy & stay in bed all day.) Krystal & Misty makes a great team! They are also the only ones outgoing enough & anxiety-free enough to have a social life. Without them craving human interaction, we would probably just keep to ourselves entirely.

Monika eases us into relaxation when we're overwhelmed & need a break. That's when we get cozy & cuddled up & binge-watch movies all day & stay up all night.

Monika &/or Kingsley help us relax enough to take naps some days.

Kingsley disconnects us when things become too overwhelming. This level of dissociation "turns off" our empathy altogether, which is sometimes greatly needed (as we feel EVERYthing far deeper than the average person).

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