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The Dark Entity: Descriptive Details

Preferred Pronoun: it/ he Alter Classification: introject abuser

Entirely detached. No emotional ties with humans or animals, or anything for that matter. No bodily sensations. Unable to feel the pinch of skin or even the initial cold blade pressed against skin, before the first blood is drawn. Enjoys self-harm with an evil grin. “He loves fear; fear is his best ally & my worst enemy” (age 16).

Condescending. Insulting. Rude. Disrespectful. Aggravating. Infuriating. Abrasive. Irritable with severe anger issues which explode through verbal abuse. Harsh shouts lash out at me, intentionally attacking my wounded soul mercilessly. Takes pride & pleasure in punishing us with physical violence & severe emotional abuse & mental manipulation. Mocks & scoffs the kindhearted, compassionate, empathic souls around him. Capable of genuine, deep-seated hatred, the fiercest rage I’ve ever known. “He blurs both eyesight & thinking. He sews crops of evil, the seed being deceptive lies & the harvest being lost souls. He imprisons the world’s captives, enslaving them to his chambers of loneliness. He crushes the hopeful, blinds the insightful, pierces the peaceful. He ruins the prosperous; he amuses the devil; he slaughters God’s servants from the inside out; he mocks the Joyful. He instills depressing fear. He implants insecurity” (age 15). Undefined shape-shifter, appealing to all senses one moment & then terrorizing them the next. Friend or foe, I could never really be sure. The unpredictability left me in a constant state of utter fear. “I feel him hovering, breathing on my back, leaning over my shoulder, trying to crack the code to the vault of my mind & the clockwork of my thinking. I feel the deceptive scales of his unclean skin brush against me. They sting; they burn. I wince in pain with a horrified cringe, & now, fear taunts me. I feel him drowning me, holding my head under the waters of his deception. I choke on his mindset as he tries his best to shove his ideas down my throat. I sputter as I try to see some hope in this big, chaotic, confusing mess. He knocks me around with mental torture every day” (age 16). The dark entity produces a darkness that overtakes all sanity, destroys all hope & sense of self & connection with others & ability to see beauty… It’s the evil entity that terrorizes us so terribly that Kingsley eventually attempts to end our life, in hopes of saving our soul…

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