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Misty's Introduction

Introduction: Meet Miss Misty!

Misty is a spunky, beautiful, outgoing 21 year-old female with light blonde hair (although she dyes it often). She weighs 115 pounds, which is much thinner than the others.

Struggling with zero anxiety, she boldly takes on the world, particularly any social scene. Her extroverted personality allows her to meet a lot of new people. She never backs down from a dare, & she enjoys making people feel uncomfortable; her charm lures the prey, & her devious side likes to watch them squirm beneath her words or her touch.

She is confident, to say the least. Adventure & unforgettable memories in the making are a guarantee around this bombshell.

Physical Appearance

It wouldn’t be a surprise to catch Miss Misty jammin’ out to “I’m sexy & I know it.” She’s beautiful & she is fully aware! She’s had a variety of hair colours & styles over the years: turquoise green, auburn, all shades of blonde, bright violet purple, pixie cut, boy-short hair with stylish layers, hair two-toned hair, the right side of the head shaved, & the list goes on. Make-up is also a fun way to re-invent her look in fun new ways, from mascara & bright red lipsticks to heavy eyeliner wings & dark purple lipstick. No one else in the system uses blush when doing their make-up.

Misty is not shy whatsoever. Her clothing style consists of “skimpy” attire, as our mom called it. She literally does not leave home without getting complimented or flirted with at least once or twice. Little dresses have always been her favourite, ever since she was young.

Stay tuned for more posts with alter introductions!

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