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Meet Miss Misty, Life of the Party!

Misty’s spunky spirit contains the components required to launch a variety of successful hobbies. Her outgoing, shameless personality is perfect for modeling & performance arts, to say the least!

Thankfully, it never got too excessive, but Misty has definitely had a substance abuse problem in the past. It began with vicodin & alcohol but over the years evolved with thizzles & cocaine. She never liked marijuana, as it brought her down from the glorious high of life she constantly experiences. Loud music, dark room, cool lights, new souls to vibe with: parties were her paradise! On every level, for all the reasons in the world you could ever think of, she absolutely thrived at raves & parties & in all sorts of social settings. She’s a fantastically fun time!!

(Stay tuned for more posts with alter introductions!)

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