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Crossroads: A Poem

I've been here before, Standing at the entrance to a new life, An exciting new chapter, new season, Ready to explore & adventure into the unknown, Eager to see what beautiful blessings await me.

I've stood here before,

At this daunting crossroads of life options. Eenie meenie minee moe, Pick at random or make a list of pros & cons But ultimately the heart decides & the mind confirms the decision if it's logically sound. So many life choices. So many Different people I could be, Lifestyles I could explore, Places I could experience, People I could meet, Employment I could grow from,.. So many opportunities & options & endless potential & possibility.

I'm here again, stumped at the crossroads, Frozen at the front door to a fresh new season of life I've never before experienced. I fear the worst for my future, but I have to Hold on tightly to the hope of brighter days Filled with hope & laughter & joy.

One day I hope To enjoy adventures again Rather than Dreading them, Living in fear of them. Someday, I hope To explore without fear Holding me back.


I wrote this a week after being left by someone I thought I was in love with, I thought I could never forget. Here I am, a year later, still standing, stronger than ever, not a thought nor feeling towards the man I once woke up to, grateful for days of light & freedom & being myself without shame. Life has not grown any easier or simpler or more comprehensible, but I have grown in understanding of myself & the world around me & all the beauty & magic we all hold.✨ I pray it is enough to carry on without succumbing to the darkness.

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