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I Dare You To Live: A Lingering Hope.

A question arose: "What's stopping me from doing it tonight? Seriously?"

I replied, "The hope that lingers like a dark shadow within your soul---that's why! You think it's just your shadow; you think it's just an illusion, a fantasy, a bullshit dream. I promise you it's not. It's real; it's alive; it's the Hope that has saved people from worse epitomes of hell than we have experienced. Please, hang on. It's so worth it.💝 I know it seems impossible right now & that these words will mean very little to you.. please: hang onto life anyways. Message me whenever you need. Perhaps we can survive this hell together. Please, please don't give up.💖 Keep fighting. Death dares you to, my darling, my dear.✨ So do I; so does Life.💝"

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