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Love Poem to Myself.

When the silence is deafening When the crashing waves thunder around you When the roaring clouds roll in above Know that you are not alone The ground may be shaking, Earth quaking But let me tell you— Meanwhile, this soul is making A new creation, A new start, New beginning, New season, New journey, New hope, New faith, New perspective, New mindset, New purpose, New sanity, New healing….! …This is where it all begins.

You fear your story is doomed to eternal darkness & a life without acceptance & love & purpose? My darling, my dear, my honey, Earth’s child… Your story is only in the preface, the previews, The introduction to who the character was Before their life truly began, Before their life gained stability… in jobs, in Friendship, in alignment with the Universe… Before their life felt like it was meant to be, Like they were born for a reason, like each Breath that requires so much energy to carry on Wasn’t all for nothing… Like their story could have Hope & Light & Love & Beauty & Fulfillment in All of the most glorious & magical ways. My darling, my dear, my honey, Earth’s child, Let your story start now. Do not allow the wounds of Yesterday & others’ brutal & cruel mistakes to Shape your character, mold your identity, or Dictate your path. This life is YOURS for you to LIVE to the FULLEST, to seize each moment, To find magic everywhere & to create it Whenever possible. & to see the magic & beauty in others. Let your life begin now. Let the pains of yesterday Wash away. Let Mother Earth absorb those wounds, So tender, so fragile, so damaging, so wrecking…. Let Father Sky breathe upon you His majestic, healing warmth… Let January 1, 2017, be the beginning of Your True Story— Not the story other people know as of now, but the story that Will carry you through this life as a WHOLE human. You Don’t have to stay broken. My darling, my dear, my sweet Honey, Earth’s child, — you are meant to be healed!! It is a journey & a process of painful growth, but I promise you, The Universe will not abandon you to this path alone. People will be sent to help you, & someday you will help others in return. YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL, MAGNIFICENT, POWERFUL, GLORIOUS, VALUABLE, TREASURED, INCREDIBLE, AMAZING HUMAN BEING, & your worth is not based upon other people’s opinions of you Or how they’ve treated you in the past & yes even unfortunately in the recent present. You are not defined by all that mother fucking b u l l s h i t. Define yourself! The Universe has bigger plans for you than just Surviving, just getting by, just barely escaping the misery of the mind. You are purposed for greater, destined for things your mind Will not even be able to imagine right now, during this difficult season. Inhale. Take a deep breath of all that is yet to come, of all the Beauty & healing & love & light & growth & glory you have yet to experience. Your story is not doomed to eternal darkness. 
Your story is just now beginning, & I assure you, your story Is destined for greatness. You have a light within you Yet to be revealed. Once it has been discovered, all of the darkness Will be cast out, & you will feel like a complete, whole person again.