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Genesight DNA Test

After years of searching for a proper medication combination, I discovered that there was a test available to help determine which medications I might respond well too. It's called the Genesight DNA cheek swab test.

Ten seconds spent collecting my saliva & then the test is shipped off to a laboratory somewhere. Weeks later, I receive my results.

Genesight tests six different genes. Here are my results:

  • DRD2 gene --> Predicted Phenotype: Reduced Responder

  • MTHFR gene --> Predicted Phenotype: Greatly Reduced Activity

  • UGT2B15 gene --> Predicted Phenotype: Intermediate Metablizer

  • CYP2C19 gene --> Predicted Phenotype: Extensive (Normal) Metabolizer

  • CYP2D6 gene --> Predicted Phenotype: Extensive (Normal) Metabolizer

  • HTR2C gene --> Predicted Phenotype: Normal Expressor

Genesite provides a variety of ADHD medications, antidepressants, antipsychotics, & benzodiazepines in the list.

The results discuss four options for each medication: a plus sign for Potential Benefit; a checkmark for Minimal Genetic Impact; an exclamation point for Caution; & two exclamation points for Attention Needed.

I received no medications in either extremes of the spectrum: there are no listed medications with potential benefits or that are so bad that attention is needed. This was greatly discouraging because I hoped some medications would fall under the Potential Benefit category.

Under "Low Genetic Impact," there was a long list of medications. For ADHD medications, there's:

  • Adderall (on it)

  • Strattera (tried it)

  • Intuniv

  • Vyvanse (tried it)

  • Ritalin

For antidepressants, there's:

  • Asendin

  • Wellbutrin (tried it)

  • Remeron (tried it)

  • Oleptro

  • Viibryd

  • Celexa

  • Pristiq

  • Cymbalta

  • Lexapro

  • Prozac

  • Luvox

  • Deplin

  • Fetzima

  • Savella

  • Paxil

  • Zoloft

  • Effexor XR

  • Brintellix

  • Elavil

  • Anafranil

  • Norpramin

  • Silenor

  • Tofranil

  • Pamelor

  • Vivactil

  • Surmontil

For antipsychotics, there's:

  • Abilify (tried it)

  • Saphris

  • Haldol

  • Fanapt

  • Latuda (on it)

  • Invega

  • Seroquel (tried it)

  • Geodon

For benzodiazepines, there's:

  • Xanax

  • Klonopin

  • Dormicum

  • Halcion

For the "Moderate Genetic Impact" column, there were only some medications listed. For antipsychotics, there's:

  • Clozaril

  • Zyprexa

  • Risoerdal

For benzos, there's:

  • Valium

  • Ativan

  • Serax

The test results describe what medications would not work because of which gene. For example, "Patient is less likely to show improvement in psychotic symptoms, including positive or negative symptoms, in response to treatment with risperidone, olanzapine, or clozapine."

This sums up the information provided by the DNA Genesight cheek swab test.

My doctor used these results to decide on an antidepressant for me. We went with Brintellix.