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Accepting My Battle.

When I say I'm sick, I am not being overly dramatic. When I say I struggle with chronic mental illness, I am not demanding attention or desiring pity from you.

I am simply being honest. I am owning my battles, as best as I can, as best as I know how to.

When I say it's been a rough day, I mean that I am literally fighting for my life. I am owning it without allowing it to consume me. I am managing it while still cultivating a fulfilling life for myself. It's the hardest battle I've ever fought, but my life is worth it because of all the beauty it holds.

When I say I'm not feeling well, I don't ask you to feel sorry for me; I ask you to be there, as a caring friend, to understand & to help if you can, & to accept me as I am. I am battling to accept myself, so please don't make it harder than it has to be.

I want to win this thing.

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