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A Letter To Myself.

Dear Kristin,

Believe in yourself. You are trustworthy! No matter what life has thrown your way, you've stood strong & found a way to manage the chaos & deal with the bullshit. You've discovered joy in the madness & kept hope for light in the darkness.

Never stop shining. Never back down from facing a challenge or taking risks. Never stop believing in yourself. You are capable! You can do any job, conquer any obstacle, & find joy in any activity because you are a beautiful soul & a delightful spirit.

Never stop smiling. You are light! You are beauty! You SHINE through darkness. You are not just problematic & helpless, even when you feel like it. You have limitless potential! You are not bound to restraints; you are not trapped. You are free! You have power!

You have power to not only face the darkness but to overcome it. Quit doubting your beautiful, inspiring self. You have magnificent worth! You are valued--valuable & appreciated.

You are where you need to be--not because it's ideal or easy or simple, but because it's life, YOUR life. You have done & are continuing to do your best: have confidence; have faith. Be assured, you're fine; be reassured that you're going to be alright.

"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." So true, & it's OK! Never back down from your goals. Always pursue your dreams. Never stop being a dreamer, a believer, a do-er. Revive hope & faith every morning when you awaken, every afternoon as you're busy doing life & being an adult, every evening as you relax & unwind, & every night as you close your eyes to welcome slumber.

If ever a moment of darkness should creep in during the day, embrace it. Allow your feelings to be welcome, even if they're unpleasant or uncomfortable. Embrace it simply because it's part of living, part of being, part of experiencing life, part of growing.

Just don't stay there. Live in the moment, but know that it is only that--a moment. This too shall pass. The only constant is change, so be reassured that this feeling, too, shall change. You may not have a choice of experiencing it or not, but you generally do have a choice to continue experiencing it & live there--to dwell--, or to pick up & move on to bigger & better thoughts.

Wipe away those tears & insecurities & press forward to create a better, more fulfilling life than you have today. Press forward, move onward towards the bright & beautiful future that awaits you. "No one promised it would be easy, but that it would be worth it."

Don't you dare give up! Few have been privileged to have such a beautiful & extravagant life tale. Few have been blessed with such adventures as yours. Don't give up all that just because the ride grows more challenging & more difficult. Certainly, more trials will come & others will linger for many years, but that's no reason to give up.

You exist for a reason! You are a fairy princess, a beautiful goddess filled with love & light & extravagant beauty. You are on this earth for a damn good reason, & you'd better stick it out to find out what that reason is.

Believe in yourself. You have no reason not to. You've proven yourself time & time again. Stop doubting. Stop hating. Stop clinging to the bitterness. Let it go. Step into the light & become the glorious creature of beauty that you were designed to be.


-your best friend

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