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Dealing with Devastation.

If you follow news in Colorado Springs, you may have heard about the Structure Fire at 3803 Half Turn Road. Unfortunately, it was about my apartment building.

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016, my apartment burned down. I was home asleep when it happened. Thankfully the maintenance man, a friend of mine, caught eye of the fire & got everyone out safely. I'm so thankful I was home so I was able to get my cat out OK. (He's my best friend!)

I don't have renter's insurance (barely been making it by, it never even crossed my mind to get it), & I lost everything. So I'm fundraising to help get me back on my feet. The complex put me up in an apartment across the street from where the fire happened, so I have somewhere to live for now. Unfortunately, it's a horrible place, particularly with bugs & crime. Please pray for my safety, & pray that I find somewhere better to live before something bad happens. During all this chaos, my depression has, naturally, worsened severely. (See my blog about mental illness: Encouragement is greatly needed during this devastating time. Thank you all for your continuous support. I couldn't survive life's chaos without it. Much love, -Kristin Windsor

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