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Night Terrors

Night Terrors

I awaken in the middle of the night. Soaked in sweat & momentarily confused of my reality, I bolt upright & stare into the black abyss of my bedroom. I can’t remember my nightmares but I know I had some. Though not racing fast, my heart beats loudly. I listen to it & the fogginess of my mind amidst the peaceful silence of the room.

After popping a prescribed pill, I take a couple rips from the beautiful bong at my bedside & slowly fade away into wondrous slumber once more, grateful that I no longer battle insomnia unarmed.

I shake in my sleep, beginning when I first drift into slumber. I can feel myself do it but can't control it. Only a couple hours slip by before I again begin tossing & turning, whipping my blanket around wilding, frantically & unconsciously twerking my body in an effort to escape the beast of my mind. I whimper, remnants of words being mumbled beneath my heavy breathing. I am lost in a reality between the cruel darkness of my complete past & the terrifying empty space of my unidentifiable present. I verbally question the situation, crying out to somebody within my intense nightmare.

Again I awaken with the wretched stench of my own sweat soaking my shirt. The cruel cycle concludes its round once more, robbing my body of proper rest & my mind of decent sanity. I can’t even remember what I was dreaming about. My memory is wiped clean of its unconscious happenings.

Night terrors suck.

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