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Lie of a Smile (poem)

Lie of a Smile

(age 15)

The indent in plastered face

is like a blob on painted canvas,

like perfection stained forever

as the misery seeps through, soaks into

that old line of "I'm fine,"

for that phrase is a lie, without an

alibi or a reasonable excuse

to disguise the broken soul,

pierced mind & aching heart

hidden so well beneath forced smile

that seems so necessary

although a truthful frown would

surely be a more appropriate noun

as the sentence of life is written

& no sigh can pause the game

with the Sun's rise and fall to mark the time

of capitalization and conclusion

for each new day invites a new sentence

& beautifully brings a new idea

that could replace the style of false phrase

so that the lie can no longer be recognized.✫

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