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1st Application for Ellen's Show!

Write to Ellen: Show Application Prompt:

Do You Need the Confidence to Make a Big Change in Your Life?

Do you or does someone you know need the confidence to accomplish a goal or make a life change? If you're facing an obstacle and are open to receiving help, tell us your story. It can be anything from struggling with body image, wanting to come out as transgender, adopting a child, or getting into the dating scene after a divorce. We're looking for people who want guidance from a mentor to gain the confidence to face a challenge and give them the tools to overcome it themselves. If you live in the U.S. and need the inspiration to accomplish your goal, tell us why, here.

My Application Answer:

After 15 years of battling symptoms, I was diagnosed in 2017 with dissociative identity disorder (DID), a trauma-related dissociative disorder that also classifies as a neurodevelopmental disorder {previously known as multiple personality disorder}. Now, I work 24/7 towards investing in 3 main projects: the Dissociative Identity Movement, a worldwide mental health advocacy movement that already has over a hundred active participants; the Community of Kindred Connections, an online mental health support group that's been thriving for several months now; & Healing Journey Homeschool, a mental health life coaching program of sorts, basically to fill the need I suffered the past decade, seeking help that simply was not there. After being disabled for 4 years & suffer further traumas, I now struggle not only with the lack of financial resources, but with the confidence to embrace these transformative opportunities. My brain & body are stuck in trauma-survival mode, while my heart & soul are launching forward to change the world. When I first became disabled 4 years ago, I made it a goal to be on your show, Ellen. Only now am I finding the courage to write to you. I truly believe my purpose is big; I just don't know how to make it through this challenging slump all on my own. Whether now or in the future, I am truly so excited to meet you Ellen! You inspire me immensely & I am so grateful for your radiant soul on this earth. Namaste

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