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September 17, 2018 in The United States of America. #MeToo

{Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault}

Both times I was raped, the friends of my rapists attacked me for months: "You want to destroy this man's life for one little mistake...!" when the PTSD it caused me will last a lifetime because trauma literally rewires the brain.

It sounds EXACTLY like the politicians yesterday, which sickens me the core of my being. I tremble as I type this, heart racing, sympathetic nervous system triggered just by the topic.

The men who sexually assaulted me won: their friends silenced me; I never pressed charges. They could be sexually assaulting someone right now, for all I know.

I was cowered into silence, but thankfully some women, like Christine Blasey Ford, have bravely stood up & withstood the trials of speaking their truths. On behalf of all women who have suffered sexual assault, I say Thank you Dr. Ford.

Our current president of this entire nation has 19 credible allegations of sexual assault, & his response was bragging about sexual assault on video.

I don't care what political party you belong to: Since when have our standards dropped SO LOW that we allow & even fight for {accused} sexual offenders into office, into authority over this beautiful nation we love & call home?

#MeToo #VoiceForTheVoiceless



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