1 Hour Journey, 1-on-1! Woohoo!!

1-on-1 "Subconscious Unveiling and Transformation Techniques" Journey!

  • 1 hour
  • 777 US dollars
  • Online Video Call

Service Description

~_~ The "Personal Dimensions Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER Subconscious Unveiling and Transformation Techniques" ~ a profoundly unique, miraculously sacred JOURNEY to explore, uncover, and understand hidden realities of subconscious realms in an indescribably intimate and radically revolutionary fashion while nurturing internal attachment systems and restoratively healing the unconscious body-mind to expand and LIBERATE CONSCIOUSNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~_~ This sacred and intimate journey into magicKally miraculous and marvelously mysterious inner realities transpires through a video call. (Facebook messenger has proven the most effective and reliably high-quality video application for clients thus far. Zoom's time limit and Skype's poor quality caused some roadblocks in the past. There are other options as well, however! We can connect through email prior to your session to clarify details regarding the application for the video call. We'll make sure it works for the both of us!) ^_^ (Please explore the upper portion of the following webpage for further details regarding these original techniques, exclusively offered through Kristin's Consciousness Consultancy: https://www.KristinWindsor.com/contact.) ^_^ You will need at least one large mirror for this adventure. For maximum potentials, please have 2 large full body mirrors and 1 small hand-held mirror. Please have windex and paper towels nearby in case the glass needs to be cleaned and cleared during the journey. ^_^ If you would like to record your call, I grant you full permission to do so, either on the device where you are engaging with the video call, or through a separate device set-up nearby. I ask that you please *not* share these recordings publicly or with others, however, and have them exclusively be for your private and personal reference and use. Thank you! ^_^

Cancellation Policy

To reschedule your consulting call, please contact Kristin Windsor 5 days before your scheduled session at WixReceiving@gmail.com. Cancellations are not available. Thank you for your COURAGE to reclaim your personal POWER by LOVINGLY beFRIENDing your own miraculous CONSCIOUSNESS. You are WORTH the WORLD! With Love and BELIEF in YOU, ~The Universe

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