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Sailing Through Consciousness

This self-guided healing journey program uses guided meditations to transform your experience of consciousness.

Are You Ready for MAGICK?


How would you like a first class ticket towards befriending the consciousness that carries you?🤩💫

Implicit language combined with imaginative visualizations for loving personal power reclamation transcendently ignite healing experiences during this Sailing Through Consciousness healing journey program.


These guided meditations are designed to be tools to help you befriend the consciousness that carries you.🌟💖🌟 The more you use them, the more powerful they become, and the more healing transformation your unconscious brain will experience.🧠😱🧠


(Continue reading to discover a SNEEK PEAK into this Guided Meditation Collection!)✨🐾💫👣✨



1st Guided Meditation: Boat Gliding Through Streams Of Consciousness


The first is titled Meditation Boat Gliding Through Streams Of Consciousness and runs for a little over 9 minutes. This is an excellent beginner's meditation to practice presence with the beloved consciousness that carries you, creating space for deep breath, noticing internal happenings, creating calming images, and releasing attachment to thoughts and feelings so you have more power within the experience of them. 


This audio track creates scenery where you are nestled in on a cozy boat witnessing your streams of consciousness in the waters beneath you while enjoying the scenery around you and continually deepening your breath with inner presence of conscious awareness. This guided meditation is excellent for growing a renewed ability to be a conscious observer within your mind-body-spirit experiences.🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♀️


2nd Guided Meditation: Deep Consciousness Connection 


The second is titled Deep Consciousness Connection and runs for a little over 40 minutes. This is an excellent guided meditation for deep-diving into the everyday healing journey of life. 


This guided meditation walks you through deep breathing, guided imagery for energetic release and peaceful grounding, heartspace centering, guided imagery for a beautiful exploration of zen sensations, affirmations speaking into your worthiness, creation of space to release trapped emotions, personal validation spoken with a vibration of Truth and Love, empowerment for unconditional self acceptance, energies of hope and healing, continued grounding in deep breath, guidance to cultivate deeper self-love, and ultimately towards reuniting with your true self, the Love-Light Inner Child essence residing within the core of your miraculous consciousness. 


This guided meditation runs for 41minutes and 41seconds and is a miraculously magicKal catalyst for deep-diving into True Healing as you befriend the consciousness that carries you. With every usage, your healing connection with your subconscious realms of being deepen, expanding your inner friendship through reNewed Self Love.💞💜💞💜💞💜💞


Guided Meditation MAGICK! 


Each audio track is shared with a video backdrop to add to the zen experience, which is especially beneficial for those who may feel anxious about closed-eye meditations.👀


"You are worthy of the beauty-filled life that invites you into the power of this now moment. You are already a wonder-filled creature of infinite miracles. You already possess healing magic within your heart. You are already an infinite soul. And you are allowed to experience life exactly as you are. As we continue breathing deeply, we extend love to all parts of our inner being, knowing that every part of our consciousness is worthy of compassionate love as we continue moving through the everyday healing journey of life, internally dancing along the ups and downs of the heartbeat of life. And we give ourselves another hug.." 🗣~a little mini peek into part of the meditation!

Recommended usage of this powerful program includes ten minutes each day during weekdays and 40 minutes once each weekend. This allows for deep connection with all aspects of consciousness, tender reprogramming of internal regulation, and liberation of secreted realms within your miraculous being. Discover yourself in brand new, transcendent ways during this program! Love parts of yourself deeper than you ever felt possible.  


Peek this Video for a PREVIEW of this Sailing Through Consciousness Guided Meditation Collection, totaling 50 minutes of MAGICKAL HEALING EXPERIENCES!


















Are You Ready for MAGICK?!?


These two audio files can be acquired for just $75, and then you possess Keys to the Kingdom of Deep Healing.🗝🔑🗝


Please email me, Kristin Windsor, at if you're interested in this first class ticket into a personal adventure of lovingly befriending the consciousness that carries you. It would be an honour to share healing energies in this way.💌🚂💌


Much Love, Soul Friends. Thank You for Being YOU🌟💖🌟


PS ~ If you'd ever like to connect one on one, I offer consciousness consulting services, available for 30 minutes and up. Please click here to explore more!🌟💖🌟 Healing MagicK awaits you!!💥🌈💥

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