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Reader Reviews.

"You are an inspiration! And a trail blazer when it comes to awareness of mental health. Keep at it girl. I am so proud to know you!"

"You are an inspiration! And a trail blazer when it comes to awareness of mental health. Keep at it gir.

Alex Aldridge

"When I'm self-destructive and enter a familiar valley known as rock-bottom, I tend to read these articles in the pursuit of happiness. They offer great insight and give a valuable perspective to remember it's something you can overcome in due time."

Steven Puente

"I live with the effects of mental illness and I appreciate your blogs."

"I want to thank you for talking about things that are usually kept hidden. It is so helpful to get it in the open so people can really have an understanding of mental health! I have learned so much and I appreciate your honesty!"

"Your blog is helpful and informative."

Kim Windsor

"I've read your blog posts & I love them. I see motivation from them. I see the growth. I'm silently cheering you on. I'm always glad to see where people are in there life."

Rachael Ward

"Kristin has a beauty and rawness to her that isn't found more than a few times in this life. Her heart is beautiful, and the creative effect of her words will give you a new perspective, that we all have our struggles, and we are not alone in the fight."

"We don’t talk about mental illness enough in this society, but Kristin does. I appreciate the candidness and raw emotion that fills each of her posts, providing valuable insight into what it’s like to be at war with one’s own mind. Both heart-wrenching and educational, this blog has something for everyone and I would recommend it to all."

"The posts are really helpful because so many people I know struggle with mental illness."

"Your blog has helped me to understand the struggle some of my family and friends in a more intimate way. Instead of responding in confusion or frustration, I find myself being able to relate because of your vulnerable posts. Please keep writing. Keep informing."

Sarah Rozema

"Exploring Existence is a beautifully written blog that, through it's candidness, has helped illuminate what it is like to struggle with mental illness. As something that I and many other people don't always pay attention to, it is an incredible and vital resource. I can't recommend reading it highly enough."

Adam Skerritt

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