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Have you seen the amazing, incredible WONDERS of the Liberated Consciousness Diagram and its Treasure Mapping MagiiicK, the Expanded Spirit Treasure Map (3 Subconscious Layers Diagram), and the diagrammatic expression combining these 2 'treasure maps' in new ways???

CLICK HERE to discover Treasure Trove MagiiicK!!!

Now enJOY blissfully browsing these life-shifting concepts through a Treasure Trove PictureBook!, beautifully expressed through a PLAYbook of Treasure Maps!!!!

These images 'map' the sacred divine Treasures of your BodyMind and SoulSelf!!

This Treasure Trove collection is extra special because it shares the raw, unedited journey of dozens of versions of these diagrams sculpted through the 2019-2023 journey of the Implicit Revelations Case Study! From images utilized in video creations to diagrams applied through course creations, this PictureBook expresses the "behind-the-scenes" making with dozens of variations of these amazing diagrams and treasure maps!!

Receive this 232 page Treasure Trove PictureBook (with hundreds of varied treasure map expressions!) for $155!!!!

Complete the
"Connect with Kristin" form (click here!) to order your new Treasure Trove PictureBook!

[Receive 50% off this offering when combined with a 2 hour video call with Kristin OR acquiring the Liberated Consciousness Healing Journey Course! If interested, inquire when submitting the "Connect with Kristin" form! Infinitely wondrous MagiiicK awaits you!!!]

Explore the following carousel for a sneak peek into these Treasure Map pictures!!

Also, CLICK HERE to dive deep into the Primary Page for these Treasure Maps! (You'll discover more picture previews!)


Screen Shot 2023-03-25 at 9.11.59 PM
Screen Shot 2023-03-19 at 8.25.33 PM
Liberated Consciousness Treasure Map! 4
Liberated Consciousness Treasure Map! 3
Liberated Consciousness Treasure Map! 2
Liberated Consciousness Treasure Map! 1
Liberated Consciousness Treasure Map! 5
Liberated Consciousness Treasure Map! 6
Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 11.39.17 PM
3 Subconscious Layers TREASURE MAP! 2
3 Subconscious Layers TREASURE MAP! 1
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