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Kristin's Consciousness Consultancy Presents:

Mystical Odyssey Imaginative!
~ Personalized Course Creation! ~

{Personalized Self-Hypnosis Session
Utilized as a 6 Month+ Healing Journey Course!}

Travel to higher dimensions
of consciousness to anchor transcendent healing into
any area of your sacred life.

Love creative storytelling?
EnJOY PLAYful imagination?
Vibe with Kristin's authentic energy?
Desire healing journey results of restoration, transformation, and liberation with zero conscious effort? 

Then this ODYSSEY is for YOU!!!!!!!

Kristin creates divinely delightful MagicK
to assist your healing journey expansion
and personalized path of LOVING LIBERATION!

Simply choose a setting and a healing intention, and invite Kristin to channel wondrous cosmic MagicK!

She creates a priceless healing journey experience
that enables transformation of
neural pathways in the brain and body,
liberation of subconscious parts,
and restoration within specified corners of personal life.

(PS! Scroll down to peek samplings of Kristin's work!!)

(Please read the information below
before submitting this form. Thank y

Complete the form below to order your personalized creation, OR schedule a 1-on-1 session with Kristin to actively participate in the odyssey @!

(Please complete the "Connect with Kristin" form on this website's homepage with any clarifying questions!)


Are you ready for the most miraculously MagicKal self-hypnosis experience of a lifetime ?!?!??!?

Inner Child Liberation: Odyssey #1!
(Created for Valentine's Day in 2021)

Inner Child Liberation: Odyssey #2!
(Created for Valentine's Day in 2022)

"Beneath the Ocean's Surface:
Bridging Years of Self-Aspects!"

"Divine Remembrance" Odyssey!

(PS! In the process of upgrading and updating audio quality, your personalized course creation of a Mystical Odyssey Imaginative will most likely be BETTER QUALITY AUDIO than these samplings!)


Kristin's Consciousness Consultancy Presents:

Mystical Odyssey Imaginative!


{Personalized Self-Hypnosis Sessions

Utilized as a 6+ Month Healing Journey Course!}

Travel to higher dimensions of consciousness to anchor transcendent healing into any area of your sacred life.

Healing is allowed to be peaceful, FUN, easy, and enJOYable!!


Allow Kristin to do the "work" for you!


Simply share a setting, scene, or environment to subconsciously explore, coupled with a specified healing journey intention about what you'd like to receive and achieve, and allow Kristin to sculpt a personalized creation to catalyze your infinite expansion, loving liberation, and personal POWER reclamation!!!

Kristin creates an unforgettable healing experience creatively crafted to ignite new layers of transformation with every application!


Sit back, relax, and enJOY a brand new subconscious experience divinely designed to rewire your implicit neural data, liberate your parts of consciousness, and sculpt opportunities for personal transformation along your everyday healing journey of life!

These personalized Mystical Odyssey Imaginatives are specifically designed to be a profoundly satisfying and blissfully enJOYable subconscious journey while directly achieving your specified healing journey intention. 

For example, Kristin could not remember her childhood AT ALL after healing from suppressed childhood trauma. She sculpted a Mystical Odyssey Imaginative for herSelf, used it daily for several months, and gradually integrated neural wiring from childhood, liberated those Self-aspects, and restored every miraculous area of her BEingness! (This process was profoundly amplified by application of her other healing journey programs, including Mere PLAY with Mirror POWER.)


Mystical Odyssey Imaginative

(Personalized Self-Hypnosis Session

used as a 6+ Month Healing Journey):

  • $444 for a 1 hour & ~11 minute odyssey!

{Reduced fiscal offering from the traditional $555 pricing!}


(Edits and additions to the Mystical Odyssey Imaginative may be available for an extra fiscal offering.)

When utilized to their maximum potential,

the 1 hour odyssey

is explored for 180 - 230 hours in total,

and the 2 hour odyssey

is enJOYed for 370 - 460 hours.


This gradually unfolds during a 6 month to 2 year period.




The recommended application for this Odyssey entails:



*Choose your own background music.

Each personalized Mystical Odyssey Imaginative does NOT include music or background sound, allowing expansive flexibility for the journey! With each Odyssey, choose your own background music as desired, PLAYing the music quieter so you may clearly hear the audio of your personalized journey. Feel FREE to PLAY with various styles of background music or sounds to create different energies along each journey! (For instance, you might use binaural beats or extremely calming music with nature sounds while sleeping, and slightly upbeat piano or acoustic music when listening while fully awake.)

*Listen every night as you fall asleep. 

Choose your own background music that will continue playing during the night after the Odyssey ends (such as an 8-10 hour playlist or soundtrack). Allow yourSelf to fall asleep anytime, without forcing conscious focus or trying to remain awake as you listen. If you fall asleep 15 minutes in, your subconscious still fully experiences the journey, even if you cannot consciously remember any of it.


*Listen once/ week during waking hours while engaging in another task ~ such as exercising, drawing, or cleaning. With relaxed awareness, allow it to play like an audio book or background story, casually listening while moving about your day. Invite your mind to gently enJOY the journey while remaining in loving presence with the activity of your body. (It's entirely alright if you find yourSelf drifting in and out of focused awareness and missing parts of the audio journey as you move about your day.)


*Listen once/ month while remaining awake for the fully focused experience. Disconnect from all other activities. Sit or lay down in nature or in a comfortable space indoors. Relax completely, without falling asleep. Close your eyes to experience it as a self-hypnotic, dream-like journey; keep your eyes open to engage with it like a daydreaming story. EnJOY the complete journey as a consciously awake, fully lucid, self-hypnosis-type experience. Pause as needed to re-ground or tend to self-care needs, such as hydration or stretching.

*Consistently continue this odyssey for at least 6 months to fully ignite and absorb all potential benefits. Then, decrease usage as desired. For example, you might listen twice/ month using any preferred application method.



*EnJOY continued restoration, transformation, and liberation for up to 2 years.


It's truly miraculous to

witness how the ever-

evolving inner adventure,

through repeated journeys

and their various application methods,

continually ignite new layers and levels of restoration, transformation, and liberation along the healing journey.

Each usage sparks new healing MagicK that gradually cultivates noticeable change!


This truly is

The Odyssey

of a lifetime.

After your fiscal offering is received through your preferred payment method, Kristin connects with you through a brief audio call to clarify your healing journey intentions and desires.


During this process, she vibrationally senses your subconscious energies, allowing her to personalize this creation in a way that profoundly and deeply connects with your subconscious realities!! (It's Pure MagicK!)

The creation process is a purely channeled experience. Rather than consciously creating this journey through the human imagination, Kristin connects with a beautiful space of pure consciousness and simply expresses the journey that she witnesses.


Each time, it feels as if the journey itself already existed, and she is just the channel through which it is being expressed.


The guided odyssey you receive was divinely meant for you all along.

This also holds infinite healing doors, as it expands potentials to connect with divine aspects of yourSelf, parts unable to be previously united with, or to link with higher wisdom that truly fuels your personal journey as it is divinely intended. 

The completed creation ultimately enables expansive reconstruction of your neural wiring, creating new implicit memories while rewiring past unconscious data. It improves brain-body regulation, and expands the capacity for unity, wholeness, and loving presence with all parts of your miraculous BEingness. 


This process cannot be done through conscious thought alone, yet this creation emPOWERs this process while you RELAX and enJOY a fabulous JOURNEY through consciousness! 

What could be more MagicKal

along the healing journey???!? 

Receiving Your Personalized

Mystical Odyssey Imaginative!


Mystical Odyssey Imaginative

(Personalized Self-Hypnosis Session

used as a 6+ Month Healing Journey):

  • $444 for a 1 hour & ~11 minute odyssey!

{Reduced fiscal offering from the traditional $555 pricing!}




Step #1} Complete the form above!


Step #2} Receive an email confirmation from Kristin.

This email chat provides the opportunity to further personalize your journey, including special requests:

  • Does your Odyssey include Light Language?

    • Yes/No 

  • Does your Odyssey include moments of melodic singing?

    • Yes/No

  • What is the preferred vocal tonage and energetic focus of your Odyssey?

    • Slow, calming, quiet, soothing, regulating.

    • ~OR~

    • Upbeat, emotion-igniting, dramatized, heart-expanding, soul-shaking, with profoundly moving moments.

  • Focal priority of healing journey intention?

    • Transform specified regions of existing neural wiring, rewriting current subconscious navigation.

    • Stimulate new regions of specific neural wiring, recreating automated navigation.

    • Encourage nervous system relaxation and improved regulation of brain-body systems. 

    • Activate Light Codes, expand consciousness, raise vibrational frequency. 

    • Other!

  • Any other special requests for your personalized Odyssey? 

Step #3} Transfer your fiscal offering through your preferred payment method. (Details are included in the email!)

Step #4} Schedule a time to briefly connect with Kristin through an audio call. (Details are included in an email!)

Step #5} After your brief call with Kristin, please create space for the creation process to naturally unfold. Then... Wait for it...!

Step #6} Receive your brand new, powerfully personalized MYSTICAL ODYSSEY IMAGINATIVE!

Step #7} Begin your 6+ month journey anytime! Gently allow the miraculous magicK to ignite your sacred path of restoration, transformation, and liberation!!!



[Please expect an unfolding of approximately 2 weeks ~ from the time of completing your order, to the time of receiving your new course creation.]



Let LOVE lead you HOME to YOU!!   :) 

~~~ OR! Schedule a 1-on-1 session with Kristin and actively participate in your Mystical Odyssey Imaginative! ~~~

Kristin's Consciousness Consultancy Presents:

Samplings of Personalized

Mystical Odyssey Imaginatives


I created this first session for myself at the beginning of 2021. The setting was an underground castle with nature themes. The healing journey intention, objective, or goal was to heal my inner child, effectively transforming neural data from 3 distinct time periods of life: ages 4-8, ages 9-13, and ages 14-16. I've experienced profound benefits from repeated use of this personalized self-hypnosis session.


Among the infinite benefits gleaned during this self-hypnosis session include opportunities to: 

  • Increase presence, relaxation, peace, joy, connection, and feeling supported by your unconsciousness and the universe;

  • Transmute trapped tension into liquid gold to fuel optimal well-being;

  • Unlock hidden codes of self-healing trapped in dormant DNA;

  • Release hidden tension within unconscious bodily muscles;

  • Release resistance to healing Love and restorative Light;

  • Rewire neural data from ages 4-8;

  • Rewire neural data from ages 9-13;

  • Rewire neural data from ages 14-16;

  • Create new neural pathways of healing connection; and

  • Increase unconscious health, including regulation of the endocrine system, autonomic nervous system, and other regulatory protocols throughout the brain-body system.


Applying Kristin's Personalized Self-Hypnosis Sessions

Kristin creates self-hypnosis audio tracks without any background music, enabling flexibility within its personal applications.

You may listen without any background music, or you may select any background sounds you might enjoy. For example, you may play this free YouTube video simultaneously alongside this sample self-hypnosis session.

(Tip! Play the self-hypnosis track at full volume, while simultaneously playing background music at half volume.)



Kristin's Consciousness Consultancy Presents:

Samplings of Personalized
Self-Hypnosis Sessions
{or Guided Experiences}

One year later, I created this second session after an incredibly epicK day of inner child liberation, and I'm SO excited to share it with you!



SUMMARY: Your present-day self is guided into a mystical fairytale land of enchanting wonder where magicKal interactions miraculously unfold with 9 year-old, 5 year-old, and 2 year-old inner child self-aspects.

DURATION: 1 hour and 20 minutes (minimum) to 2 hours (if you PLAYfully engage in further imagineerings, as prompted at the conclusion of this guided experience).


On the surface, this self-hypnosis is a guided experience into imagination to cultivate inner child liberation. Beyond the obvious storyline consciously experienced, this guided experience also includes: 

*redirection AWAY from EXPERIENCE (childhood to the present moment and everything in between) and TOWARDS the EXPERIENCER of CONSCIOUSNESS, the true essence of Self;

*emPOWERment and courageous LIBERATION for the present-day experiential self, and nurturing LOVE and healing JOY for the childhood experiential self; 

*encouraged distinction and connection between the inner life partner (present-moment self of inner experiencer) and the inner child; 

*encoded subconscious messages to LIBERATE restricted self-energy while uplifting neural content and expanding neural connectivity;

*activations to release and transmute energy, including emotions, somatic sensations, muscular tension, and other subconscious energy blockages; 

*light language and light codes to activate deeper subconscious truths of your authentic essence and true consciousness;

*AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Listen to it once just for FUN! 

Then, return to the various suggestions, ideas, and tips, and explore how to further amplify your personal POWER reclamation and loving LIBERATION when listening to it again! 

EnJOY this guided experience into imagination and consciousness as many times as you desire!!! Create deeper layers of healing LOVE with each practice. 

Build upon the internal visualizations until they feel more and more vivid, and witness subconscious MagicK effortlessly unfold in miraculous ways!


1} Lay down in bed and fall asleep while passively engaging in the guided experience. {Eyes closed.}

2} Lay down anywhere and consciously remain awake while actively engaging in the guided experience. {Eyes closed.}

3} Listen to this guided experience as a background story while engaging in everyday life. {Eyes open.}

4} *MOST POWERFUL APPLICATION!!!!!* PLAYfully spark a Mirrorthon with yourSelf as you explore this guided experience. {Eyes open, connecting with self-essence by focusing on the coloured region of your eyes in the mirror’s reflection.}


1} Use a suuuuper comfy chair or cozy sitting space!!!!!

2} Pause to stretch halfway through for 5-10 minutes!

3} Have water or tea nearby so you can nestle into the experience without needing to get up for anything!

4} *MOST POWERFUL TIP!!!!!!!!!*
Gather 3+ pictures of your childhood self, especially from ages 2, 5, and 9. {Feel FREE to shift the ages: choose 3 distinct inner child self-aspects to consciously focus on!} Adhere them to the sides of your mirror. Guide your observational self to see FROM your eyes and grow internally attached with your inner life partner (present-moment experiential self) seen through the mirror’s reflection AND your inner child (childhood self-aspects of inner experiencer) seen through the childhood photographs. The Self who SEES always remains distinct from and connected with the Self BEing SEEN (in mirror and pictures). The observational self is distinct from and connected with the experiential self, and the inner life partner is distinct from and connected with the inner child.

1} Look at childhood photographs to amplify accuracy during the visualization of interacting with your inner child during this guided experience. [Relevant for any type of application!] If participating in a Mirrorthon, tape these photographs to the sides of your mirror (explore video introduction for further insight). 

2} Try listening with and without headphones, and see which allows for a more potent and powerful experience. 

3} Shift the ages of your childhood self-aspects as inspired. 

4} Shift perspectives throughout the guided experience: from BEing the inner life partner first-handedly experiencing this journey, to BEing the observational self who is a space of pure presence and loving awareness witnessing the self who is within the present moment of personal experience. 

5} EnJOY the experience and practice loving presence to create space for subconscious activations, healing, and transformation to effortlessly unfold!!!!!!! {IT’S LITERAL MAGICK, Y’ALL!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO MAAAAANNYYYYY MAAAAGGGiiiiiiCKKKKKKKSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}

to Amplify this Experience and Overall Support Your EveryDay Healing Journey through Life: 

1} “Tips for Observational Self in EveryDay Life!” @! {Direct link:} 

2} “15 Minutes Pure Consciousness Mirrorthon Challenge” @! {Direct link:} 

3} “Annual Treasure Hunt! INNER CHILD LIBERATION: New Year Challenge!” @! {Direct link:} 


→ If you enJOY this style of healing journey adventure, please feel FREE to explore further offerings through Kristin’s Consciousness Consultancy! I’d LOVE to connect with you!!! 


The video above offers normal audio volume for the guided experience, while the video below shares the self-hypnosis session with enhanced audio volume.
Because different technological devices convey audio playback differently, and listening through headphones might cause additional variables, please explore and see which audio style allows for the BEST experience!!!


CLICK HERE to Schedule a 1-on-1 Consciousness Consultation

with Kristin Windsor

Kristin's consciousness consultations offer: 

  • balancing masculine and feminine subconscious energies 

  • understanding and reclaiming authority within personal identity 

  • inner child liberation 

  • personal power reclamation 

  • improving relationships with self and/or others

  • understanding and healing any type of mental, emotional, spiritual, or action-patterned (behavioural) battle (coming from a trauma-informed space)

  • amplifying implicit health 

  • recognizing and responding to subconscious activity, including needs and desires 

  • rewiring neural data within the unconscious mind

  • healing internal attachment systems 

  • cultivating new habits to sustain implicit well-BEing

  • understanding and responding to the unconscious mind of a loved one 

  • understanding and liberating parts of consciousness 

  • transforming the past through loving presence to intentionally create a beautiful future 

  • general life advice or personal emPOWERment 



Kristin offers some of the most attuned and powerful personal coaching I know of. The path she has forged in emotional and spiritual healing enables her to go straight to the heart of whatever issue you are facing in your life journey, no matter how insurmountable it may seem. She draws from a very deep well of experience and growth, and was able to give me more insight in one hour than tens of hours in therapy. At the same time she came from a very grounded and realistic place, offering practical, real help, not a theoretical promise. Kristin has helped me discover significant personal truths. Ones we often cannot see from the inside. Please allow her to touch your life the way she has mine.” ~Nigel Surridge, PhD

Click here to explore more about Kristin Windsor and Kristin's Consciousness Consultancy.

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