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Meet the Author!

I have struggled with severe mental illness symptoms for fifteen long years.


At age ten, night terrors & idiopathic insomnia began.

By age fourteen, I was also experiencing severe depression, psychosis including auditory hallucinations, habitual self-harm, & even hints of an eating disorder. (August 2007.)

When I was sixteen years-old, I attempted suicide for the first (& not the last) time. (February 2010.)


At age eighteen I was sexually assaulted & severe PTSD developed. (April 2011.)

I was diagnosed with ADHD at age twenty. (October 2013.)


When I was twenty-one years-old, I became completely disabled. (September 2014.)

I was diagnosed with bipolar type II & post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in October 2014.


The most I was able to do during that period of about seven months was take care of my basic physical needs & sometimes even make it to the couch to watch television, but even that was difficult as it was challenging to hear the show over the voices inside of my head. (October 2014 - April 2015.)

When I was twenty-two, I was raped while homeless. (May 2015.)

For the past three years, I've been unable to sustain a legitimate job. I've battled homelessness yet been blessed to always find a roof to sleep under.

After over a decade of misunderstanding the root of my issues & mental problems, I was finally diagnosed accurately with dissociative identity disorder, or DID.

I now seek to raise awareness of this devastating yet fascinating illness as I continue to heal, traveling patiently along the road to remission.

I invite you to join me. You never know insight or knowledge may be gleaned when exploring the concept of consciousness evolving.

Hi there. I'm Kristin Windsor,

& here are a few of my life's blessings...




I’ve had the blessing of experiencing a wide variety of life in a short period of time: I’ve traveled to over a dozen countries & at least sixteen US states; moved over thirty times since graduating high school; lived with forty-six+++ different people; held fifteen+ different jobs; & spent nine years involved in the 4H club. Today, I still seek experiences, but more peaceful ones than adventurous ones. Now, when I take a bath, I make the water too hot so I have to wait for it to cool, making the experience last longer. Experiences are beautiful; in a way, they're all we have.


Passions & Accomplishments.

I have many hobbies that bring my soul to life, especially when I can use those skill sets to enhance my career. I play guitar & sing & sometimes even write music, & soon I will be recording a few songs with a friend. I enjoy photography & have pursued that & modeling on & off over the past decade. I am gifted in leadership & teaching, which I use not only to be a tutor as a side-job (which I LOVE), but also to lead a group about self-awareness & personal growth called INSIGHT. Above all is my passion for words. I graduated with my Associate of Arts degree in May 2014. I utilize my passion, love, & talent for words in a wide variety of outlets, including a blog (& Facebook pages) about my life struggles with mental illness.


Connection With Other Minds.

I have incredible friends I love dearly, the best of all being a fluffy feline named PookieBear (named after Garfield's teddy bear).


Life Direction. 

Once upon a time: "I know exactly who I am & where I want my life to go in the next ten years." Now, I am living moment to moment, never knowing what comes next. If it were less terrifying & lonely, perhaps I could enjoy the journey more, but I'm working on it; some day I'll get there. 


Personal Growth.

I am consistently seeking to know myself better, to further my self-awareness & growth in who I am, which leads to incredible discoveries & miraculous transformation. I have been many different people in this life, but the version I love most is who I am today. It brings great contentment & peace of mind, & I am extremely grateful for such a strong foundation in my identity.

(Written in 2016.)

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