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Liberated Consciousness

Understanding and Healing
Unconscious Body-Minds
from the Inside-Out

Healing Journey Course

—> to Understand Unconscious Body-Minds through the Liberated Consciousness Diagram and Pyramid of Personhood

—> to Cultivate Personal POWER Reclamation through Revolutionary Techniques, including BOLRAE and RAWR!

Created by Kristin Windsor

Please CLICK HERE to explore the infinite purposes of this incredible diagram, or "treasure map"!!

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Liberated Consciousness: Understanding and Healing

Unconscious Body-Minds from the Inside-Out

Healing Journey Course 


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MagicK Synopsis 


Liberated Consciousness empowers understanding and healing for all types of unconscious minds. Innovative models explore unconscious realms through the Liberated Consciousness Diagram and the Pyramid of Personhood. Discover what subconscious realms are made of, how they operate, how this creates various styles of personal identities and experiences, and how to ignite healing liberation from within.



While the conscious self observes and responds to life’s unfoldings, normal parts, guardian parts, nightingale parts, and moppet parts of consciousness first-handedly experience neural projections throughout four distinct subconscious regions. Implicit memories navigate self and life in relation to attachment needs, unconscious minds deeply rooted in loving intentionality. 


Original diagrams divulge the neuroscience of implicit battles, from generalized anxiety disorder to dissociative identity disorder. Fresh perspectives of unique subconscious integration validate all types of inner experiences while empowering neurodiversity. Simultaneously, associated health challenges may achieve complete healing resolution by reconstructing specific neural data.


Personal POWER ignites by learning how neural data develops, connects, operates, impacts life, and can readily be rewired. Innovative tricks help to identify underlying causalities of internal struggles, recognize and respond to unconscious attachments and memories, consciously influence neural wiring, connect with parts of consciousness from the distinguished space of the observational self, and FREE self-essence by emBODYing an unconditional identity.



Intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships radically heal by uplifting neural wiring into higher vibrations of love. Along the journey, consciousness achieves liberation into its true identity of miraculous light, love, and presence.

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Course Contents

1,400 pages of original content


2 hours of video content

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PLEASE CLICK HERE to explore the infinite PURPOSES and profound potential regarding the Liberated Consciousness Diagram: How can its insights be utilized to understand and evolve the human experience?


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What led to creating these ideas, diagrams, and healing journey course? Explore "KNOWN Part 1: A Hero's Journey" to discover the unfathomably remarkable path that's led to sharing these ideas with YOU!

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Through the Implicit Revelations Case Study and its prefacing explorations (2011-2020), over 20,000 hours of independent work preceded the sculpting of the Liberated Consciousness Healing Journey Course. 


Peek the following videos to discover behind-the-scenes MagiiicK about the incredible MIRACLES leading to the creation of this mind-expanding, consciousness-liberating, life-shifting course!!!

(These videos hold greater significance after first viewing the above "KNOWN" video, allowing these events to be put into perspective.)

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Liberated Consciousness

Healing Journey Course 


Table of Contents


Preface: Journeying from Darkness to Dawn

  1. Chapter 1: Exploring Inner Worlds 

    • Implicit Realities

    • Who are “You”?

    • What Creates Your Experience? 

    • Distinguishing Observational Self from Experiential Self

    • Infinite Personal Power

  2. Chapter 2: Hidden Realities of the Unconscious Mind

    • Subconscious Operations 

    • Four Subconscious Sectors

  3. Chapter 3: Invaluable Attachments 

    • Attachment Systems

    • Attachment Data

    • Four Attachment Systems

  4. Chapter 4: Attachments in EveryDay Life 

    • Attachments Affect Personal Experience

    • Attachments Affect Parts of Consciousness 

    • Clues of Consciousness from the 1st Attachment System of LifeGiving Love

    • Clues of Consciousness from the 2nd Attachment System of OpenHearted Safety

  5. Chapter 5: Attuning through Self-Love

    • Clues of Consciousness from the 3rd Attachment System of Vulnerable Connection

    • Clues of Consciousness from the 4th Attachment System of Expressive Acceptance

    • Healing MagicK

  6. Chapter 6: Internal Navigational Systems 

    • Memory Systems

    • Four Memory Systems

    • Harmoniously Coupled Memory Data

  7. Chapter 7: Disrupted Navigational Guidance 

    • OverCoupled Memory Data

    • UnderCoupled Memory Data 

    • Low Vibrational Implicit Projections

    • RAER (*Pronounced like a Fiesty Cat Sound*)

    • Covert Rewiring of Navigational Guidance Systems

  8. Chapter 8: Denotations and Connotations of the Unconscious Mind

    • Four Systems of Meaning-Making Associations

    • Clues of Consciousness from Meaning-Making Associations

  9. Chapter 9: Stimulating Subconscious Simulations 

    • Stimulus-Dependent Neural Activations

    • Thought Fragmentation

  10. Chapter 10: Experiencing Life through a Lens of Love

    • Love as the Star of Life’s Tale

    • EveryDay Experiences of Love

    • Experiences of Love Sculpt Subconscious Realms

  11. Chapter 11: Subconscious Identity 

    • Wondrous Realities of Subconscious Parts

    • Love as the True Identity of Subconscious Parts

    • The Purpose of Personal Identity 

    • Roots of Subconscious Self-Sense 

  12. Chapter 12: Self-Essence Experiencing the Unconscious Mind

    • Experiencing the Roots of Self-Sense 

    • Self-Sense Support 

    • Masculine and Feminine Energies of Self-Sense 

    • Summarizing Self-Sense

  13. Chapter 13: Subconscious Communicative Connectivity

    • Subconscious Timelines

    • Subconscious Integration

    • Internal Communication

    • Styles of Subconscious Integration

  14. Chapter 14: Experiencing a Lack of Connectivity

    • Experiencing Disconnectivity within Self-Sense Roots

    • Experiencing Mind-Body Disconnectivity 

  15. Chapter 15: Implicit Disguidance Conditions 

    • Implicit Memories Generating Internal Battles

    • Low Vibrational Implicit Projections 

    • Interfusion of Implicit Projections and Unconscious Dysregulation 

    • Mood Disorders

    • Suicidality 

    • Chronic Insomnia

    • Intermittent Explosive Disorder

    • Low Vibrational Action-Patterns

    • Trichotillomania and Dermatillomania

    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    • Body Dysmorphia 

  16. Chapter 16:  Neural-Implicit Health Challenges

    • Anxiety Disorders

    • Chronic Substance Use

    • Chronic Self-Harm

    • Eating Disorders

    • Traumatic-Stress

    • Neuroscience of Triggers

    • Covert Losses of Conscious Presence 

  17. Chapter 17: Alternate Inner Realities

    • Personality and Dissociative Disorders

    • Dissociation

    • Dissociation Shifts

  18. Chapter 18: MultiConscious Mosaic Minds 

    • Adaptable Consciousness Condition

    • Multiple Inner Persons

    • Dissociative Switches

    • Experiencing Multiplicity

  19. Chapter 19: Little Mosaics 

    • Dissociative Age Regression

    • Spectrum of Alternate States of Consciousness

    • Spectrum of Dissociative Age Regression

    • Types of Dissociative Age Regression

    • Exploring San Francisco through the Lens of a Child

  20. Chapter 20: Chaotic Ignitions throughout Unconscious Realms

    • Isolated Experiences of Consciousness 

    • Dissociative Chaos

    • Self-Essence Remains Whole: Consciousness Cannot Be Fragmented

  21. Chapter 21: Unique Connections with Reality 

    • Inside-Out Experiences of Consciousness 

    • Low-Vibrational Implicit Projections

    • Delusions and Hallucinations 

    • Disorganized Speech and Behaviour

    • Dissociative Connections

  22. Chapter 22: Journeying to New Horizons of Unconscious Understandings 

    • Unconditional Healing Hope

    • Shape-Shifting Neural Data

    • Loving Presence Proffers Power

    • Shifting Language of Mental Health Battles

    • Personally Discovering Root Causalities 

    • Professionally Discovering Root Causalities 

  23. Chapter 23: Igniting a Global Hope Revolution 

    • The Neuroscience of Self-Love

    • Igniting a Hope Revolution

  24. Chapter 24: Miraculous Light, Love, and Presence

    • Redefining Normalcy to Unite HumanKIND

    • Identifying with Presence

    • Identifying with Love

    • Identifying with Light

    • Identifying with Infinite Miracles

    • Liberation through an Unconditional Identity 

    • Change the World by Being a UNIQUEORN

    • Embodying the Hope Revolution 

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Liberated Consciousness

Healing Journey Course 



Please click on the following image gallery to preview this miraculous offering to understand and heal unconscious body-minds through revolutionary ideas, sculpted during the Implicit Revelations Case Study journey (2017-2020).